The 16 year old male suspect because of emotional problems was stabbed to death Street bleep

The 16 year old male suspect because of emotional problems was stabbed to death Street original title: suspect because of emotional problems 16 years old boy was stabbed to death in the vicinity of C yesterday, Shenbei New Area tiger stone Tainan street in Shenyang City, surrounding a school boy died, the specific reasons under investigation. Readers for map. Yesterday afternoon, Shenyang City, Shenbei New Area Tainan Street murder occurred tiger stone! Liaoning industry and trade school boys suspected because of emotional problems quarrel with others, the street was assassinated. The assailant fled the scene, the police are further investigation. Three videos online Shuabing yesterday at 4 pm, three video forwarding in many WeChat group shuabing. In the first video, a boy wearing a black jacket, blue pants, fell on the ground motionless, blood flowing from the neck. More than a boy looked down, one of them knelt next to the body. The second paragraph of the video, the police have rushed to the scene, the ground is clearly visible blood spray. Finally, a video display, the vehicle will be carried away the remains of funeral boy loading, the crowd came to cry. Video background sound repeatedly appeared to beat people can not be so ruthless, 120 back to the phone did not, and other words. According to informed sources, the site of the incident in the vicinity of the tiger stone Tainan street, two boys because they also like a girl, resulting in a conflict resulting in one person killed. The two group of students after the quarrel at 7 last night, the reporter found the murder scene – Shenbei New Area tiger stone street of Tainan fortune plaza. The boy was stabbed to death on location in the bustling market, with many businesses catering to only a few meters away. On the ground remained to flush the blood of the water, next to a pile of sand bag. The boy died in the streets of downtown stabbed, dining customers become the topic, there are a lot of people deliberately rushed to the scene. According to witnesses, Lee recalled, when the two group of students broke out in the alley brawl, in addition to abusive language, the content may be related to a girl. "They were quarreling noisily, about two minutes after the match, they mingle." Mr. Li said, he saw several boys playing a boy, finally beaten boy was cut with scissors. "It was so deep that the blood came out of the neck! See the boy fell to the ground, all the people to stay." Witnesses said Mr. Wang, 2:30 p.m., two students began to fight, a student died on the spot. Listen to the students around the discussion, the deceased was only 16 years old, the home is in Haicheng, Mr. Wang sighed, no matter what the reason, so young to die, let the parents how to live in the future." Fortune Plaza security, told reporters that the incident left a large amount of blood, sanitation workers repeatedly washed with water and sand, but also to see the blood on the ground. Even parked next to the motorcycle and electric cars have been sprayed with a lot of blood." 4 pm, boy’s body is the funeral car away, several students in the school came to the crowd, know the dead students shed tears on the spot. The school only allowed out into the 7 last night, Liaoning industry and trade school outside the school near the city of Shenyang, Shenbei New Area Hu Shi Tainan street. The school closed the door, pedestrian guarded by someone, one after another student,相关的主题文章: