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The 4S store will never tell you the seemingly simple maintenance car owners usually every time a hidden trick – Sohu automobile Sohu [car] will go to the laboratory of the truth, do one thing, to do their own car maintenance, replace the oil filter, however, seem to be very simple, ordinary daily maintenance work. We may rest assured the brush circle of friends in the 4S shop or repair shop pantry, however, often not reliable stores, to catch up and leave a lot of risks to the car to get throught a thing carelessly. The truth of the laboratory, we invited guests Kaiser in the truth lab for everyone to understand the correct steps to replace the oil filter, look at the middle should pay attention to what is easy to ignore the problem. First of all, we need to explain what is oil and filter. Oil is the engine lubricating oil, engine lubrication antifriction, auxiliary cooling, sealing, rust corrosion, shock absorption effect. The engine has a lot of friction between the movement of the metal surface, these components fast movement, poor environment, the operating temperature of up to 400° C to 600° C. In such harsh conditions, only qualified lubricants can reduce engine parts wear and prolong service life. The oil used for a period of time, from the transparent yellow into the muddy dark, it needs to be replaced, the different models need to add different oil, according to the vehicle itself, at the same time as a result of climate change, especially in the winter should add appropriate oil. Need to remind everyone that the 4S store in free maintenance for customers to add are generally specified in the original ordinary mineral oil, but in the subsequent regular maintenance payments, will allow you to use synthetic oil more expensive, but the use of expensive synthetic oil cycle can be as high as 8000 to 12000 kilometers. But no matter what you add, 4S shop also suggested 5000 km to replace oil once a month, 3, is a waste. The filter oil filter can remove dust, oil in the metal particles, carbon deposit and soot particles and other impurities, clean the oil supply cam shaft, crankshaft, connecting rod, turbocharger, piston ring, lubrication, cooling, cleaning effect, thereby prolonging the service life of those parts. If the engine is the heart of the car, oil is the blood of the car, then the filter is the car’s liver and lung. The oil filter used for a period of time, the filter will gather a lot of sludge and metal debris, filtration efficiency decreases, through the filter oil pressure will be greatly reduced. Replacement of oil when the problem is easy to ignore the replacement of oil filter seems to be very simple to change jobs, but in practice if the non professional is not simple. First, the replacement of oil filter is in the engine room chassis, so we need professional equipment to set up the vehicle. We want to set up the vehicle, through professional tools, will loosen the screw oil bottom, will waste oil drums prepared in advance on the oil outlet at the bottom of oil spills, be careful, otherwise it will be more difficult to clean up. Attention should be paid to workers when the screw is detailed, to ensure the integrity of the screws and gaskets, or screw damage may相关的主题文章: