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"The alliance" issued a new notice of Peter Claudia in emotional crisis hit entertainment Sohu – Brad – Pitt and CP in the film Marion Claudia suffered emotional crisis (source: time network) just after Angelina Julie formally proposed and Brad Pitt for divorce, Pete starred in the movie "the alliance" issued a new trailer. In this World War II background of the film, Brad – Pitt and the film CP – Claudia – also suffered an emotional crisis in the film -.     in the film, Peter as U.S. intelligence officer Marx – tile. In 1942, Marx in North Africa on a dangerous mission, met the French resistance fighters Marianne Beausejour (Marion Claudia), the two quickly fell in love. Back in London, however, the relationship between the two was threatened by war. The 60 second trailer showing both Pete and Claudia to shoot the Nazi picture, also has the moment two people know and love in love crystal, and finally to Claudia "I kiss how" questions and Peter still expression combined with reality, is quite referential. But the piece side paramount choice in Pitt and Julie marital problems when released movie trailer, also suspected of publicity. "The alliance" directed by Robert Zemeckis, the seventh son: "battle", "devil" and other hummingbird agents screenwriter Steven knight as a screenwriter. "Union" will be released in North America in November 23rd.相关的主题文章: