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Careers-Employment I want to share with you the art of re-invention. As I am from the fashion industry I am going to relate it to my fashion job experience and the people who have shaped me into the person I am today. Firstly it’s all about gut instinct. As a cocky bright teenager I wanted to work for the most successful fashion retailer in Australia at the time. I didn’t have connection or favour; my merit was purely on confidence and presentation, no qualifications played a part as I was still two years off leaving school. This is likely to make all of you generation Y cringe in your seats but for me it was about working for the fashion brand that I identified with in the fashion job I knew I would love. I would have worked for free and to be honest I was so young the award wages paid the bus ticket and a milkshake for lunch. I worked hard in this fashion job always remaining totally flexible and working in several different locations when needed it didn’t matter to me I have found my fashion dream job and proved to the sceptics that I had the staying power. I would spend 5 years in this fashion job, the longevity proved priceless. I had demonstrated staying power and when it was time to hit the real world and secure my next dream job in fashion I had a resume to delight any Managing Director. So armed with foolish confidence I went on to crack my next opportunity. It was time to re-invent! When it is time to re-invent yourself as I have done more than 4 times in my 18 year working life you need to focus on your driving key skill. Are you great at selling? Are you strong with numbers? Are you highly organised? Are you design savvy? Identify just one and capitalise on it. I’ll let you know how this works. My next fashion dream job had to be at a fashion head office. I wanted to immerse myself in the hype of design, marketing, public relations and the whole hectic box and dice. Of course my anchor was Hollywood so I was about to learn fashions deepest secrets but I was driven by raw passion and the desire to achieve beyond and make it in fashion’. Having been studying at University whilst in my previous role, I focused on my driving key skill ORGANISATION! In fashion, organisation in a world of creative people goes a long way. By offering a skill that most youth would not I managed to convince the Managing Director that even though I had no experience my core skill would see me succeed. I didn’t ask the salary and I turned up the next day. I would have worked for free, this was my break and I had made it’. My Hollywood anchor quickly grew barnacles and the reality of working in fashion became ever present. My skills were put to the test beyond my most vivid imagination and the challenge was ever present day in and day out. This fashion job created re-invention within the .pany. Remaining focussed on my core skill I positioned my own career path strategically and absorbed like a sponge everything work had to offer. After 5 years it was once again time to re-invent. I left what was a .fort zone in search of the edge. Time to aim high and this time I was to challenge myself in a job in fashion where several had failed before me. This was particularly attractive; to succeed where others have failed draws me in like a magnet with a polarity like no other. Once again I re-invented myself by focussing on a driving key skill. This time it was people management. I was challenged beyond, worked exceptional hours, lost money and saved money, developed staff, crushed ego’s and felt on the edge with every breath. I quickly learned why this fashion job had resembled a revolving door and I was not about to fail. When the conquest was won and it was once again time to re-invent. My next job would be in fashion recruitment. The driving skills of an understanding of the puzzle pieces that make up a fashion business were to be my new key success. Working in fashion recruitment gave me the ability to mentor fashion hopefuls and guide them on how to succeed in their fashion dream job. I had re-invented myself in an industry I knew and had grown to love and had satisfied my core passion for imparting the knowledge I had developed through my experiences. Living on the edge for nearly 9 years in fashion recruitment the thrill of success drove me to my greatest challenge yet. When you feel the driving passion to step up you do it without hesitation and with conviction. And my greatest challenge yet is embraced with conviction and determination and a constant rush of adrenal charged fun. Ragtradejobs.. is my solution to the .bination of all of the things that I am passionate about. As the global hub of fashion jobs it embraces the knowledge of the fashion industry that I have developed though my experiences and gives back to an industry almost forgotten by the major generic jobs boards. Through the sheer brilliance of my business partner we have .bined creative knowledge with business acumen, passion and determination like no other and an unquestionable desire to ensure success is a must. Ragtradejobs.. is intense in its form, .prehensive yet simple to navigate and to anyone in fashion it is a home .ing. It defines over 150 jobs in the industry into meaningful searchable categories and .bines an easy advertisement writer for the purposes of fashion job placement. For the job seekers it offers an email me job function where the task of job hunting is managed by cyberspace and an easy searchable find jobs function for pin point search accuracy. I am still in fashion, an industry I have been in for 18 years, I have re-invented myself, and been driven by pure gut instinct and the thrill of achievement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: