The asset shortage still rush to raise funds to get a ticket, the influx of funds set by the market winflash

The asset shortage still rush to raise funds to get a ticket, the influx of funds set by sina finance market App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest off 60 million – reporter Huang Yingying "hard to get a vote" asset shortage continues, a large number of part-time financial advisor (FA) active in various channels, earn the amount of money the cost. Due to the proliferation of market funds, many of the lack of professional judgment of information management institutions can also be based on the information management market. The part-time financial advisor "now there are people everywhere in FA, grasp a little information out everywhere flicker, some people even the basic concepts are not clear, dare paizhexiongfu said to." Shenzhen, a listed company in charge of investment and Finance Department complained. The role of financial advisers is to provide private financing and mergers and acquisitions and other related services. In the docking project and the funding process, usually requires a lot of physical work and work. This is a professional organization, there are a large number of part-time FA involved. Insiders pointed out that the form of business, currently active private institutions, mainly in the domestic FA industry, the investment bank brokerage platform and a large number of part-time part-time FA, FA mainly have a good interpersonal relationship network professionals, including lawyers, accountants, securities and other financial industry related personnel. "Project commission is, not necessarily, might as well get some FA business, so worry, money fast. With the investment circle of the relationship, one year to make one or two single probability is very large." Shenzhen, a large brokerage investment banking department admitted. The source said, many people have turned to the circle to provide information on the project. The investment bank veteran commented, "a torrent of money to get out of hand, fear, desperately looking for high returns but scarce assets. Because of the good assets are scarce, leading to the ten bet nine times the expected return in investment losses, but not to brake pumping from the torrent of FA: don’t bother to do judgment, do not need to undertake long-term Carry (project incentive) risks with other people’s money as soon as possible to their realization. Accordingly, all start-ups are worried about the winter, in order to melt into the money for the best. This from the demand side also pushed up the demand for FA." The influx of funds to increase the market by a certain part of the flood of refraction FA investment shortage, in the near future by the market performance is quite obvious. Statistics show that the one-year cash since May 2016 to participate in a given increase average discount rate of 4 consecutive months below 10%, but in the risk-free interest rates continued downward, the context of ample liquidity, the market will increase still attract a lot of money to the rapid influx of. Rapid influx of funds led to increased market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the discount rate continues to decline. From the recent public fund action to see, the amount of the fund will increase the amount of funds in the market. According to incomplete statistics, the number of fund products will increase this year raised was more than 10, more than 60 fund companies involved in the project will increase 550 times, increasing participation amounted to 195 billion yuan, while last year was 192 billion 900 million yuan. Part of the public offering is closer to full participation, such as the recent launch of the project will be given to the East, the whole industry相关的主题文章: