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Careers-Employment Fashion – it’s a broad term, isn’t it? Different people mean different things when they talk about fashion in their conversations – for some, it is clothes, footwear, lipsticks, for others it is an industry that is built of models, designers, photographers, writers, event .panies, and for the rest, fashion is about how you look and feel. Here in this article, we’ll keep the conversations on fashion trends – and we’ll primarily talk about clothes. Sarees – it’s the typical Indian dress that you elegantly wrap around your body. For long, it remained in India, symbolizing our culture, our taste, and our preferences – but in the last decade or so, Sarees have gone global. Across the countries, women are wearing Sarees in different styles. And they seem to have no .plaints since it restricts your movements to some degree. Lehengas – it is another outfit that is being liked across countries by women. Lehengas are usually worn on occasions like marriages, and amplify the beauty of the bride and her friends who ac.pany her. In the past one decade, India has found itself a new ground in the global fashion arena. Designers and models from India are finding acceptance across the countries – and these designers and models are taking their culture onto the global platforms of fashion industry. Fashion industry has grown enormously in all these years – and it’s continuously growing. The fashion designers, photographers, and models together are setting the best fashion trends in India – they’re bringing the best of global fashion to India and taking India’s fashion intelligence to the world fashion stages. The best fashion trends in India, sooner or later, have found acceptance universally – because they’d something special about themselves that struck fashion lovers across the world. In India alone, several sites have .e up online that connect fashion .munity – models can share their details and portfolios; it’s similar for designers and photographers who get to meet like-minded people from their own industry. If you’re someone new to fashion or want to make it big someday as a model or designer, then you should ideally spend some time every day on these sites – you’ll get to know the best fashion trends and news update about the industry; you’ll also get a chance to look at the work of the best of models, photographers, and designers; and you may also end-up being contacted by someone for a modeling assignment. You can never know how destiny plays its cards. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: