The cartoon king in art master will impact what kind of spark

"The cartoon king" in "art master" will impact what kind of spark? The Wu Juxian straw "fan craftsman Qian Tang heritage heritage Pan Haibin China paper-cut" stone carving art master Yan Guihai pyrography artist reporter Xiong Yanwen Pang Jinghan photography and camera with animation, children dancing, live music extremely; but when it comes to traditional arts and crafts, you may feel too far away from life. China’s arts and crafts, has a long history, a wide variety of superb skills. It contains Chinese people’s wisdom, is the world civilization in a shining pearl, with Hangzhou WANGXINGJI fan, West Lake silk, Luzhou paper umbrella, straw fan and other non heritage skills, also occupies an important position in China art. In order to carry forward cultural heritage, the Hangzhou daily "I am king of animation" to Hangzhou Museum of Arts and crafts, the current hot animation elements and traditional arts and crafts together. November 12th, the top 10 of the top duel is about to kick off. On the afternoon of 2 points to 4 points, 2016 "I am the king of animation" ultimate PK and apprentice ceremony will be held at the Hangzhou Museum of Arts and crafts, 10 players who can win, become a famous cartoon disciple now is still unknown. But the scene in addition to animation master, there are 4 arts and crafts masters will lead the children to appreciate the charm of the combination of animation and arts and crafts. Hangzhou Museum of Arts and Crafts Master Studio Qian Tang paper-cut project representative inheritors of Professor Fang Jianguo will teach the secrets of children’s paper cutting, and with the use of traditional techniques to create cartoon works. He said: "paper cutting art and animation art, the surface does not seem to take too much, but in fact, you will find in the creation process, animation can also be a good combination of folk art. Chinese paper-cut artists will be early paper-cut and combination of animation, paper-cut animation such as "pig eating watermelon" and "fishing child"." Then, the teacher took a piece of paper, designed a cartoon image of the monkey, not long time, a naive monkey image cut out. The combination of animation and paper cutting can have a wonderful effect." In addition to paper-cut, and Chinese stone carving art master Pan Haibin, pyrography art master Yan Guihai, straw fan craftsmen Wu Ju Xiandu will visit the site, to share with you the story of the creation of Arts and crafts. It is worth mentioning that the Hangzhou Museum of Arts and crafts masters studio "heritage folk" plate, introducing WANGXINGJI fan, West Lake silk, Luzhou paper umbrella, straw fan and other non Heritage Museum Community in art performances, traditional static display, an increase of 360 degrees dynamic display of traditional technology, the audience close contact with traditional techniques I can also explore the intangible cultural heritage charm and masters, artists. At the same time, and the studio master hand embroidery, embroidery, wood carving, stone carving, pyrography, miniature, purple, kites, bamboo carving, paper cutting, rock color enamel, cloth, sand bottle painting process, the master and the artist settled a total of more than 30 people. The Hangzhou arts and Crafts Museum will also become "I am the king of animation," creative base, indicating that a large number of Arts and crafts masters will be "I am the king of animation" creative creation相关的主题文章: