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"Challenge the impossible 2" posters first into the "craftsmen" spirit of entertainment – Sohu   " power artisan " series of posters of the engraving element Sohu entertainment news October 2nd, CCTV large inspirational challenge program "challenges the impossible" the second season will officially return a CCTV set of gold. The day before, "impossible" to challenge the official platform released a set of posters with "big craftsman" as the theme of the poster, from the content point of view, this season "challenge impossible" in addition to the continuation of the first season of "ordinary life, the ultimate challenge." theme this season, will also be integrated into all walks of life challenges stunt, mining beyond the spirit of ordinary people. The challenge is to adhere to the courage to go beyond, ordinary life can also achieve the life of the super – "impossible" since the 2015 broadcast, has become a phenomenon of television programs. The program out of the "footprint identification", "small animal hypnosis expert Dong Yanzhen Han Jiaying," the girl "sonar" Chen Yan and challenger, was known as the audience through the television screen. These brushes network hot search list of the "stars" are from the life of the "civilian", has become a hot topic in the streets, is one of the reasons they honed from life skills. These skills or from work experience, or from the life, or from the feeling of life, these stunts itself is amazing, because of a surprise, the most ordinary things can be delved into beyond the limit height. Another reason why they can become a "Star", these are ordinary people from ordinary life is close to the nature, they are not mysterious entertainment stars, nor we don’t see enough to reach the "senior source", these people may be on our side, affinity and close to these lurking among us "power" has a mass base can not be estimated "". Through the "impossible" to challenge such a stage to show these life skills, let more people understand that this is the miracle of life comes from life, and seemingly reach marginal "life body" was originally on the side, they are familiar to us, Wang Li, Zhang…… "impossible" challenge season second posters first "power craftsman" in response to the spirit of the times in September 22nd, "challenge the impossible" to the outside world through the official platform released a group of "big craftsman" theme poster. Posters will be welding, sculpture, ceramic art, paper cutting and other types of work skills and traditional culture intersect show. Among them, the deep taste of "challenge" has been strengthened, and the spiritual desire of the times we are in. Times need to challenge the spirit, the courage to go beyond. Numerous craftsmen can adhere to a good interpretation of the spirit. In a field of ordinary life, there is the ultimate bloom of the wonderful moment, countless wonderful fragments to achieve the rise of China’s great powers. "The challenge is not possible" first quarter has brought hundreds of millions of viewers to a shock, to achieve a breakthrough in the second quarter of the program, not only is the form of the renovation, the content of the promotion, is the "challenge" the connotation of development..相关的主题文章: