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The children were injured – one of the 1 Sohu maternal author | we always think "children", they feel their heart will not hurt. After dinner, the phone received bestie: "Doug somehow, a day is not happy, do not say do not eat rice, you said that this can be done?" "Did you say the baby?" "No, no." "Is it difficult to do with kindergarten children? Or what do you want to eat? Or did you promise to do it?" "Are not ah." The voice of a vacant bestie. "Has she lost anything lately, her favorite toy?" "Oh……" As if in search of bestie: "in the morning one of her Hellokitty doll can not find, let me buy, I said that my aunt brought back from abroad, the country can not buy, she also did not say what." I’ve got it. Bestie it reminds me of another thing. Yo at the age of three, one day wake up, didn’t I wake up as usual, no clamoring to drink to watch the cartoon, but a person silently side lying there, eyes, hands to play with Bobbi naturally or half unconsciously doll dress lace. The hot summer air, thick shade and block a window, chaner kept airtight, I thought the climate makes her uncomfortable, busy open air conditioning, air gradually cool down, but still not to see her happy end in the water, she buried her face slightly impatiently lower, want to talk about a interesting story attracted to her, but see her face against the sheet part, a little exudation of tears. "Long, do you want to father?" The child listened, his face buried deeper, no longer look at me, I know what’s going on. 2 children also have the pain of breaking up. I miss her bestie, Doug in toys, heart sad expression does not come out, so there are now depressed unhappy, bestie a little do not believe, you lose a toy, don’t you? Lost his favorite toy, best friend moved away, love their grandmother back home, it is unusual thing for children without the weak heart, the pain as much as we all were experienced by adults, if not guided, children have suppressed negative emotions, formed in the course of time depressed habits, lost the ability of active release and emotional adjustment, and then encountered such as parting like pain, will be immersed, difficult to get out. The face were pain, how to ease the child’s mood, I gave three suggestions bestie. 31, let the children know, parting, for tomorrow than today more happy. The apple tree leave, can let the children taste sweet, bees from the flowers, in order to spawn jinshanshan honey, the moon will leave the window, kids can see the dawn. The story I suggest bestie bean can understand, explain to children the truth, for example, Hellokitty to the outskirts of the woods to find little sister, she felt his head bow is a bit dull, please sister help some beautiful flowers birds come back from far away from, make a more beautiful new bow. She want to become beautiful, if -相关的主题文章: