The deep hot violent extreme catastrophe forecast effects show doomsday

The "deep" hot violent extreme catastrophe forecast effects showed a "deep" catastrophe "doomsday scenarios of fire and health" version of the poster 2016 Hollywood blockbuster finale "deep" high disaster catastrophe, directed by "super battleship" Peter · Berg served as director, "Transformers 4", "turn", "Teddy male bear" Lord Mark · Wahlberg strength to join, while inviting "mobile labyrinth" Dylan · Obrien, the Golden Globe Award for best actress Gina · Rodriguez, Kate · Hodson, the old drama of bone Kurt · and John · Russell; Malkovich Biao play the same stage, will be released in North America by a year "dark horse" reputation sweep the same period of the movie, the 7.7 best score high evaluation and IMDb 83% rotten tomatoes that absolute film quality. The film has recently exposed the "dead Jedi" Ultimate Trailer, trailer "hot burst" top effects on the nervous crisis step by step rhythm, will the whole movie disaster sense perfect present, "ashes like escape journey, make friends" true to suffocate". The film is about to land in the National Theater in November 15th. "After the catastrophe" deep ultimate notice cited concern about the ultimate effects of perfect presentation of "doomsday scenarios" issued in the final notice, netizens shouted by the trailer "hot effects" deeply shocked, whether explosions "small mushroom cloud", or the crane every bump have shed the endless rain of fire, will be the end "the most incisive scene depicted. One netizen commented: never thought the real blowout will be so terrible, really like a beast." Overflow mud around the eruption, deep in negative pressure a little more, a lot of bubble emission from the ground, and a circle around the shock wave to suddenly spread, like "the beast slowly wake up, this unexpected outbreak, and contrary to expectation shock reduction, users can not help but sigh" it’s true to suffocate". The same memories and make friends in the beginning of the video, by the media and his colleagues family "siege" Mark · Wahlberg looks very uncomfortable scene, Mark penetrating performance will cast away the panic and ill behaved most incisive. There are friends, said: John · greedy eyes of Malkovich is really in place." Gina · Rodriguez found abnormal warmth and cruelty drilling platform coexist Mark · Wahlberg "fire and health" in addition to being the end of stage effects deeply shocked, Mark · Wahlberg’s determination and courage also impress people, especially Mark and his wife are shot out in advance, though just a few seconds, too the film will be in the warmth behaved most incisive. There is a netizen comments very appropriate: Mark · Wahlberg is with the family’s thoughts, there is such a strong belief in survival." In the movie "havoc" in the deep "pony elder brother" changed the image of the past, the embodiment of the "civilian heroes". He was covered in grease and could hardly tell whether it was blood or mud, but he never did.相关的主题文章: