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The "deep" ultimate doomsday catastrophe forecast effects to create a "deep" ultimate death Jedi Holocaust Trailer Mark & #183; Wahlberg at death Jedi entertainment news 2016 Tencent Hollywood finale "deep" giant high disaster catastrophe, directed by "super battleship" Peter · Berg served as director, "Transformers 4", "turn" Tactic, "bear" actor Mark · Wahlberg strength to join, while inviting "mobile labyrinth" Dylan · Obrien, the Golden Globe Award for best actress Gina · Rodriguez, Kate · Hodson, the old drama of bone Kurt · and John · Russell; Malkovich Biao play the same stage in North America once they become "the annual horse, over 7.7 excellent reputation across the film, high score evaluation and IMDb 83% that rotten tomatoes The absolute quality of the film. The film today while the exposure of the "dead Jedi" and "Ultimate Trailer fire and" Ultimate Edition Poster, trailer "hot burst" effects on top make people nervous rhythm almost suffocated, the whole film disaster sense of the perfect presentation and poster in the smoke, flames enveloped TippingPoint the drilling platform also seemed to be no escape from the "death of the jedi". The film is about to meet with you in November 15th, bringing a real escape to the life of suffocation. "The ancient evil beast" break the sea "rampant human" extreme effects to create a "dead Jedi" in the trailer we can deeply feel the film "hot effects", the beginning of the video, by the media and his colleagues family "siege" Mark · Wahlberg is very disturbing, nightmarish memories in mind a long time can not be a series of explosions dispersed: "small mushroom cloud" crashing, crane each combustion impacts with endless rain of fire, spewing out of the mud as great scourges all consuming, the "doomsday scenarios" depicts the most incisive. In this regard, "New York guest" Anthony · Ryan said: "in simple terms, this is Peter · once again subvert Berg, you will be in my heart secretly blame myself sneakingly, not so easy to be poked hi point." The cause of sudden disaster in "people", oil companies like greed is tempting "cake", wake up the sleeping sea "the ancient evil beast", the deep sea, a large number of bubble emission from the ground, and a circle around the shock wave to suddenly spread like "evil beasts" break the seal upon the earth. Overflow mud seems to be sentinel minions, all of a sudden mud like fountains everywhere erupted, flying out of body lift. Flash fire, doomsday officially came in the top down rain, flame special blessing, the hot air temperature seems to have been distorted, rising even flashed a white light flame. Mark · Wahlberg in the "death of the Jedi", with thoughts and beliefs of the family survive for a slim chance of survival. "Washington Post" Ann · Horad on the Mark · evaluation of the road to the:.相关的主题文章: