The explosion in September over the summer bleak outside the slice force 2D play a leading role-pigeon blood

The explosion in September over the summer bleak outside the slice force 2D play a leading role "also" hunt "Star Trek 3" "I am not Pan Jinlian" this summer box office slump, as a traditional off-season in September this year, but people quite looking forward to. The first half of the 3 film "Star Trek: the introduction of" beyond the stars as the representative of the protagonist is also the murderer after mid "" July "and she" and "my war" and the "westward journey 3" "2" and other large Chinese anti-corruption storm, either volume or quality in the previous summer are quite impressive. And in September 30th the National Archives Department into more and more "grand track" "Pan Jinlian" "I’m not passing from your world" and other strong piece. In addition, the IP phenomenon has long been in the shadow of the city stretches, next month is still evident, "July and still" "parasitic" beast "I am not Pan Jinlian" "grand track" are adapted from the comic book of the same name or. While the "Westward Journey" 3 "Star Trek" 3 "McDull: rice treasure Raiders" itself IP. Whether the explosion of the film in September, the first take you to see it. The first half of September the introduction of the main chip layout guochanpian force in the second half of last year, the introduction of film mostly at the end of August early September get together and release this year is also true. Especially the introduction of film released in early September up to 7, which is composed of "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" (hereinafter referred to as the "Star Trek" led by 3), and "iron fist" parasitic "beast" "nine people" "shark" "magic teacher" beach "the Black Sea" and other pieces of gold, not only the quantity, but also various types of. This period of concern is not a lot of domestic films, in addition to Zhao Liying [micro-blog] starring youth love film, our ten years, is another piece of literature, "Yangtze River map". But after September 10th it is difficult to find the introduction piece trace, until after September 20th two the introduction of animation works — "funny bird biography" and the "Paris crisis" French anti-terrorism film release, volume and degree of concern with the introduction of the film at the beginning of the month can not be compared. After mid September, the shadow of the city will be gradually converted to domestic films with the strength of the home court, many films released in the Mid Autumn Festival, such as the Cao Baoping winning film "murderer", also the controversial "westward journey 3", baby Anne’s first big screen work "in July and she", domestic the cartoon "McDull, meal, treasure Raiders" war film "my war" and the criminal action "anti-corruption Storm 2", the Mid Autumn Festival three days holiday is one of the main reasons for these get together and release the film. From mid September to the end of the month will usher in a dull period, this time released mostly some small budget films, although the number of many, but does not have the dark horse, golden time set aside to the Mid Autumn Festival will absorb enough film file. This situation continued until the 30 day will end with the National Day is coming, "I am not Pan Jinlian" "grand track" "passing from your world" "the Mekong" strong action film will be released the same day, the total box office that day may rush to the forefront of the year. Overall, the September film clear layout, the introduction of film DaTouZhen, made films under half force, could make it perhaps in the reputation and box office)相关的主题文章: