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The father of the nuclear submarine Chinese made nuclear submarine exposure scale said: has identity for 30 years – Sohu military channel first: China nuclear submarine nuclear submarine made the father tells of the secret history of [Abstract] Huang Xuhua is the chief architect of Chinese first generation nuclear attack submarine and strategic missile submarines, known as the "father of the nuclear submarine Chinese". Recently participated in a program, he first disclosed the secret of China’s development of nuclear submarines. It is reported that the center of gravity and the weight of soil solution was used to accurately weighing the submarine, the whole process of development of his identity for 30 years, with only one parent’s contact box. Huang Xuhua is a member of the Chinese Academy of engineering, but also China’s first generation of attack submarines and strategic missile nuclear submarines, the chief designer, has been moved to China in 2013 CCTV characters. Huang Xuhua has developed the research China nuclear submarine, conservative national top secret, during his development of nuclear submarines, the relationship between the dilution and family, left their homes, incognito for 30 years, made great contribution to the country. The picture shows the youth of Huang Xuhua. Academician Huang Xuhua, China’s first generation of attack submarines and strategic missile nuclear submarine chief designer, known as the father of China’s nuclear submarines". Recently, he participated in a CCTV program, for the first time to open up the development of China’s nuclear submarines those hidden, difficult, and extremely magnificent past. Development of Chinese developed nuclear submarine past the following 1 academician Huang Xuhua Mao Zedong’s anger at Chinese nuclear submarine, the most hope to start the soviets. October 1, 1959, Khrushchev’s visit to China, the Chinese government proposed to him to provide technical support for the development of China’s nuclear submarines. Khrushchev arrogant response: nuclear submarine technology complex, spending money and very much, you can not get out of China, as long as we have the Soviet Union, we can establish a joint fleet. After listening to Chairman Mao angrily stood up, waving his generous palm, said: nuclear submarines, ten thousand years to come out!" To this end, we Chinese people embarked on the path of independent development of nuclear submarines. Extended reading: Media: China 096 nuclear submarine 12 meters in diameter. The submarine type Dongfeng -41 PLA submarine base was shot with 091 ships, 039B Qi second pages: Huang Xuhua made appearances in 30 years according to her latent nuclear name academician Huang Xuhua, gravity and weight of submarine Floodability directly related to it, so particular. We have high-tech means control, like a "means" — put a scale on the slipway at the entrance, as long as get into berth no matter what have been known and documented; similarly, the construction process is to come up with anything on berth weigh…… The picture shows the Chinese Type 091 nuclear submarine hoisting torpedo. 2 from medicine to shipbuilding my original ambition is the same with the parents to study medicine, the summer of 1944, the Japanese army captured Changsha, southwest began to retreat. I walked a few days on the mountain road has been moved to the school to Chongqing, all the way there are Japanese warplanes bombed, sometimes hiding in the cave for a whole day…… At that time I was very angry, a country without defense, even a quiet.相关的主题文章: