The FAW – Volkswagen new crossover wagon named c-trek rainism

The FAW – Volkswagen new crossover wagon named C-TREK9 on Sept. 21, FAW – Volkswagen heavy build brand new models for the first time exposure, the official English named C-TREK, location crossover wagon, which is popular in the first Chinese A-class crossover wagon. Volkswagen’s first A-class car travel cross-border exposure, English named C-TREK C-TREK named English contain a variety of meaning. First of all, "C" or "Cross" English acronym, meaning "crossing, crossing, cross", reflects the design of C-TREK and SUV fusion sedan and wagon on the one hand, can meet the daily demand for cars, and can satisfy the needs of the whole family to travel together. C-TREK uses a SUV shape, and into a large number of cross-border elements and "TREK" in English which means "hiking, long journey", means that C-TREK will pay more attention to travel and self driving experience, also positioning with the FAW – Volkswagen’s first A-class crossover wagon echoes, said C-TREK to exercise better, more comfortable driving experience, more practical and more advanced configuration with the occupants of every life travel and travel. C-TREK is a collection of cars, travel car, SUV and other characteristics of C-TREK is a new model of style is completely different from the existing models, it uses the ALLTRACK design elements, with strong cross-border car color, will be from the gap between the perfect fusion of visual field and higher space, multiple functions, good. It not only has the comfort of the car control, but also has a large carriage and easy access to the SUV of the passing of the car, car, car, SUV and other values in one. FAW – Volkswagen domestic and cross-border travel car market segments — the pioneer of C-TREK at present, FAW-VW has CC, MAGOTAN (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Sagitar (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), golf (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Bao Lai (ginseng, picture, inquiry), Jetta (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) six series of brand models, all concentrated in the car market. This time, the introduction of C-TREK, not only will further enrich the FAW – Volkswagen product camp, to provide users with a richer and more personalized product choices. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: