The first debate in the U.S. presidential election began Trump Hilary confrontation

The U.S. presidential election debate began to face Trump Hilary original title: U.S. presidential candidate debate began to face Trump Hilary in September 27, the evening of 26 local time, 2016 presidential candidate for the first televised debate started, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Hilary and Republican presidential candidate Trump confrontation". The televised debate will be held in New York for 1.5 hours, divided into three topics, namely: the direction of the United States, to achieve prosperity and to protect the security of the United states". Each topic is divided into two sections, each for 15 minutes. The 90 minute debate will begin at pm local time, at Hof University in New York, (Hofstra), estimated that there will be 90 million people watching. The rules of debate include: don’t clap, not booing. In addition, Trump and Hilary, respectively, a few minutes before the start of the debate on the social networking site twitter issued a document, notice the upcoming debate. Trump is wearing a blue tie, and Hilary is in a red suit. The debate before the polls show that Hilary and Trump support close tie, so the outcome of the debate is more important. Reuters and the Ipsos poll shows that about 50% of likely voters, candidates will debate performance they decided to vote for consideration which side of the debate, the free voters "15 voters not belong to vote, enough about the election. Reuters and Ipsos the latest poll, voters may vote, about half of that candidate will debate about their voting intentions, this show is expected to have 100 million Americans watched "the arena battle", will be on the six week after the election results have key influence. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: