The first Sanya Youth Football League will continue until the end of December —

The first youth football league in Sanya   12 will continue until the end of Hainan windows — left: 9 month 29 evening, Sanya City Sports Center football field, Sanya 9 primary school and primary school football team in the game Yangnan Kyrgyzstan to pinqiang. Newspaper reporter Yuan Yongdong photo the evening of September 29th, the first Sanya Youth Football League officially start at the Sanya Institute of technicians, hundreds of teams from the city and the big Sanya tourism circle in a total of more than 2000 players, this is one of the biggest football tournament in Sanya in recent years. Vice mayor Xu Zhenling announced the opening of the youth football league. The original China soccer team, Guangzhou Hengda football club coach Li Tie and other guests attended the opening ceremony. Xu Zhenling said, football has a unique charm, pregnant with rich connotation, is a high grade sports. Football brings happiness to people and makes people more vigorous. The team used the spare time training, preparing for, believe that they will all give a good game, it will set off a new upsurge of fitness. In recent years, under the correct leadership of Sanya municipal Party committee and municipal government, the football movement in the city has developed vigorously. The city’s primary and secondary schools to actively carry out campus football, football included in the teaching content of physical education, and the proportion of University, has made gratifying achievements. The competition will promote the improvement of the city’s football level, and promote the development of the national fitness campaign. It is reported that the Youth Football League is divided into two groups: youth group and juvenile group. Among them, the young group of players aged 18 to 45 years of age, 11 people made the competition; youth group is the campus within 11 to 18 years old students, a total of 61 teams from the city’s 45 schools participating, 5 people, 8 people and 11 people in the game, and take the subject form field. The Organizing Committee of the person in charge, the League will use out of circulation and manner, the first phase of the double cycle race teams away, according to the level of the first phase of the integral scheduled seating. In the second stage, cross eliminated in accordance with the first phase of the rankings, decide until the last championship, the team can make as much as possible to get exercise, also to the fans more games exciting showdown, the League will continue until the end of December. (commissioning editor Liu Yangyang and Chen Haiyan) 三亚首届青少年足球联赛开赛 将持续至12月底–人民网海南视窗–人民网   左图: 9月29日晚,三亚市体育中心足球场,三亚第九小学和吉阳南小学足球女队在赛场上奋力拼抢。 本报记者 袁永东 摄   9月29日晚,三亚首届青少年足球联赛在三亚技师学院正式开赛,来自全市以及大三亚旅游圈的百余支球队共2000多名球员参赛,这是近年来三亚规模最大的足球赛事之一。副市长许振凌宣布此次青少年足球联赛开赛。原中国男足、广州恒大足球俱乐部助理教练李铁等嘉宾出席开幕式。   许振凌说,足球运动具有独特的魅力,孕育着丰富的内涵,是一项高品位的运动。足球运动给人们带来快乐,让人们更加有朝气。本次的参赛队伍利用业余时间认真训练,积极备战,相信他们将为大家奉献出一场场精彩的比赛,也必将掀起全民健身的新高潮。   近几年来,在三亚市委、市政府的正确领导下,全市的足球运动蓬勃发展。全市中小学积极开展校园足球运动,把足球列入体育课教学内容,加大学时比重,取得了可喜的成绩。此次比赛将促进全市足球水平的提高,推动全民健身运动的开展。   据悉,此次青少年足球联赛分为青年组和少年组两大组别。其中,青年组球员年龄在18到45周岁之间,比赛采用11人制;少年组则是针对校园内的11至18岁学生,共有来自全市45所中小学的61支球队参赛,比赛采用5人制、8人制、11人制,并采取主客场形式。   赛事组委会负责人介绍,此次联赛将采用循环和淘汰方式进行,第一阶段为主客场的双循环比赛,各队按照积分的高低排定第一阶段的座次。进入第二阶段后,按照第一阶段的排名进行交叉淘汰,直至决出最后的冠军,让各支球队能够尽可能多的得到锻炼,也给全市的球迷奉献更多场次精彩的对决,联赛将持续至12月底。 (责编:刘阳阳、陈海燕)相关的主题文章: