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The first section of 5 on the 5 + audience of 6 people scored in double depth too wayward Guangsha lineup thickness [collection] Guangsha amazing 81 82-105 Guangsha Zou Yuchen 18 Hu Jinqiu 16+11 sports Tencent 2016-17 November 9th CBA regular season in the fifth round, Zhejiang Guangsha team win 105-82 in the Bayi team, made the first fourth victory in the five round. In the face of this season without winning a single game in the Bayi team, Guangsha victory is expected, but the concern is the way to win the Guangsha team. More importantly, Guangsha team through the game completely show the amazing depth. A seemingly insignificant but enough to see Guangsha team boss Li Chunjiang is confident the scene took place in the first quarter. When the first day to half, Li Chunjiang made a rare five – five! Under normal circumstances, five on the top or bottom of the game in the event of loss of suspense in the fourth quarter of the team or in the informal warm-up exercises in the lineup of five. However, shortly after the start of the game, Li Chunjiang boldly with Zhao Yanhao, and so on, and so on, and then, the change of the world, such as, and so on, and then, with the help of the changes, such as, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, and so on, and so on, and so on, with the help of Li Jinglong, and then, by the way of the change of the world. From the personnel configuration on the scene to see the effect, the second lineup does not seem to decline the strength. A team has the characteristic of the two lineup is undoubtedly the envy of. The whole game, Guangsha 11 appearances, 10 minutes more than 16 minutes, but no one is more than 30 minutes. In addition, Guangsha team six players in double figures, nine people scored above 6. Under the distribution of average time and so the ball, Guangsha can still get 23 points victory, the overall strength of remarkable. It is worth mentioning that the Guangsha team also took the initiative to cut foreign aid playing time. According to the formulation of foreign aid association rules in dealing with the Bayi team, use double foreign aid foreign aid teams can have any day before in section three, while the other three day can only use a single foreign aid. However, even in the Bayi team was to catch the score only 1 points in the case of emergency, Guangsha nor in any section on double foreign aid, but to give players more opportunities for exercise. This season, Guangsha team made a good start, before the five round four victory, only lost to the leader of Xinjiang team unbeaten record. The depth of the squad is undoubtedly a strong starting point for them to achieve a magic weapon – small foreign aid Fortson attack ability is very strong, large foreign aid Holman experienced and has good ability to hit back. Local players, the center has a traditional center Wang Zheng, 19 year old star of hope, as well as the physical condition of the excellent condition of the Su Ruoyu, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the. The front guard line is more powerful and a galaxy of talents, Lin Zhijie Liu Zheng called the "Taiwan Hutch", can not be ignored this summer and played for the national team and Zhao Dapeng, the son of Li Chunjiang Li Jinglong and is known as "Chinese curry" Zhao Yanhao is the top scorer danwuxufa. It is no exaggeration to say, Guangsha team at least ten players have the ability as a starter in other CBA team. Over the past few seasons, Guangsha always is portrayed as young, tender words, achievement is always higher and missed the target. To this season, but still young Guangsha finally no longer young, ball)相关的主题文章: