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The first section report: James 9-0 led offensive tide Knight 30-25 Raptors – Sohu sports > > data point shooting record of Beijing time on November 16th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, Cleveland sits against the Toronto Raptors home court. The first section of the game, the Cavaliers 30-25 temporarily lead. The first day, Norman – Powell three point hit, West Kamm dunks two young, stand up and help the Raptors to break the deadlock. Since then, Deluozan angry, his 3 consecutive jumper, stop playing the game. Erwin pass Thompson to empty dunks, Knight hemostasis. In the middle of this section, under the leadership of James, the knight will gradually reverse the passive situation, after a wave of 9-0 climax, the home team to achieve the success of super. Next, the knight increasingly obvious advantages, Thompson cut from sweet Alpert pass, once again to complete the dunk, single finished, the home team 30-25 lead. The Raptors lineup: Norman Kamm, West – Powell, Waland Nath, Lowry, DeRozan Knight starting lineup: James, Tristan, Kevin Thompson, Erwin, Smith (Poirot JR-)相关的主题文章: