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The Guangzhou Derby four staged or history of striving for decimating [Planning] Guangzhou Hengda counterattack? Coming with the warmth of the derby: time to kill Harvey GalAT with PK (data) is a major part of the Tencent in September 21st sports 19:35 tonight, Guangzhou R & F will be based in Yuexiu mountain Stadium against Guangzhou Evergrande in the FA Cup semi-final second leg game. A 2-2 lead from the first leg, is decimating completed the first FA Cup finals history feat at the home court, or in the promotion of the situation is not conducive to the completion of Hengda comeback of their own circumstances, to continue to double the domestic game challenge? Aspect one: Guangzhou Derby played four times a season against the 4, since 2012 is the first time. This season, 3 games after the two sides battle 1 wins, 1 draws and 1 losses tied, both teams won the league in their home court, the FA Cup first round 2-2 shake hands. The fourth Guangzhou Derby staged this season, but also the two sides this year, the most important battle in a showdown. Aspect two: R & F grip initiative in the first round of the 2-2 score in the celestial body, so bodied in the two round of the game a little bit of the upper hand, as long as the victory in the mountains of Yuexiu or get 1-1 0-0 draw will qualify. The Hengda want to qualify, in addition to winning, you need to get more than 3-3 of the draw. The two sides once again to draw 2-2, it will enter into overtime or shootout stimulation. Three things: 11 times before the fight the fear of both R & F Hengda, decimating get a record of 4 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses, is currently in the super Hengda who won the most matches team. In other words, see Hengda not fight cowardly compared with the number of teams, R & F is the most afraid of Hengda team. Record and mentality do not fear the super overlord, will not let decimating in blocking Hengda home court? Aspect four: in the final is the history of innovation into the R & F FA Cup 4 strong bodied, have created the best record team in the tournament, if can pull this off Hengda, decimating the will for the first time into the FA Cup final. Of course, if you want to get the next season AFC Champions League seats, only decimating the FA Cup this way, at the same time, decimating the final, also let the third league struggle more cruel. Five things: a strong hope, Hengda 15 away counterattack domestically this year, Evergrande achieved 11 wins 1 flat 3 negative record, the team is the best road record. At the beginning of the season, in the case of the Super League, the FA Cup double battle, Hengda was once away from home to win 5 straight streak record, last season Hengda is to create a super away streak record of 10. Road record so shine, let Hengda full of confidence in the Yuexiu mountain comeback. Six things: the two teams are missing ace Hengda, Gao Lin accumulated 2 yellow will miss the road to face the R & F, R & F, renatinho also in the FA Cup tournament has accumulated 2 yellow, the same can not be played in the second leg. In addition to Gao Lin and renatinho, two players who haven’t suffered suspension problems, but compared with many local players Hengda reimbursement season, will affect the Paibingbuzhen Scolari. Seven things: the GalAT PK tie weekend 6-2 victory over Liaozu League Harvey, 4 foreign aid Hengda frontcourt all scored, the offensive side of the ball)相关的主题文章: