The Importance Of Having Your Tanning Bed Manual Handy-shuyue

Health So, you’ve decided to buy a tanning bed! After long weeks of looking at different brands and models, you finally found the one you liked. The price was relatively within your budget, it looked nice, and was exactly that size that will fit in your bathroom. You quickly paid for it and asked the .pany to .e and install it. A few days later, the tanning bed arrives. The factory guys install it, hand you the tanning bed manual and leave you staring at your new toy with sparkling eyes. Time to get that tan going! A few minutes of glancing through the tanning bed manual and you’ve figured out most of what you need to know. You flick that switch and watch as the lamps light up. Your book is already sitting next to it, just waiting for you to lie down and pick it up. You’re all set, right? Wrong. While it’s true that tanning beds are a lot safer and milder than normal sunlight, the whole purpose of it is recreating the same rays as the sun. That means all the dangers still exist, just not as strong. Using a little bit of oil on your skin before lying down under the lamps will go a long way towards protecting it and still give you that tan you crave. Take along your sunglasses too; the rays can be very harmful to your eyes. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Lemonade or iced tea will work just as well as water and make it feel more like the beach. Once you’re done tanning, wipe the device off with a soft, damp cloth and make sure to switch it off. If the lamps feel too hot or the settings don’t seem right, check the manual first. If that contains no answer to your question, feel free to call the .pany from which the bed was purchased and ask them. It may be nothing, but it is always best to be safe rather than sorry. If you lose your tanning bed manual, a copy is usually available online. Check the .pany website first and if they don’t have it simply search for the name of the brand and the model. In some cases, you don’t have to fork over cash; the .pany will replace it for you free of charge, so paying $10 online is only a waste of your money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: