The NAFMII suspension of Dongbei special steel related business debt financing instruments-mkdv-02

The NAFMII suspended debt financing instruments related business in Northeast Securities Times net (09) 28 August – Securities Times reporter Sun Lulu in the Northeast Special Steel intensified debt defaults, Chinese Bank (3.360, -0.02, -0.59%) market dealers association today issued notice that, on the basis of self-discipline, of Dongbei special steel serious warning, and ordered Northeast Special Steel immediately correct violations, and to expose the incident in question in-depth rectification; suspension of Dongbei special steel related business debt financing instruments. Chinese inter-bank market dealers association said that the Northeast Special Steel Refco Group Ltd as the issuance of debt financing instruments, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the rules of not timely disclosure of the annual report of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016, financial information, and as of 2016 eighth times since the law punishment at the time of the meeting has not yet disclosed. Other matters of Dongbei special steel suspected of violating discipline rule is still under investigation, the association will be under investigation for further processing. The evening of September 26th, the Northeast Special Steel announced that the company’s 2015 third annual short-term financing bonds "15 East steel CP003 as payment due day end, failed to raise the full debt service funds in accordance with the contract, can not pay in full payment, already constitute a substantial breach of contract. So far, the Northeast Special Steel consecutive default 9 times, the principal amount of default rose to nearly 5 billion 800 million yuan. According to a copy of the "Securities Times reporter obtained the Dongbei special steel group, the creditors’ committee meeting minutes", the morning of September 19th, led by the Chinese Bank branch in Dalian City, the creditor banks involved in the composition of the debt of Dongbei special steel authority held an emergency meeting in Dalian city banking Association, President of China Bank branch in Dalian City, informed of the latest progress in Northeast group debt disposal. The minutes of the meeting show, the Liaoning provincial government has identified the Northeast Special Steel Group will enter bankruptcy, is expected by the end of September before the introduction of the bankruptcy reorganization plan. Beijing, a broker to the Securities Times reporter said, after the Liaoning provincial government proposed debt plan, but was opposed to the creditors, the provincial government decided to start the procedure of bankruptcy. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: