The New Era Of Web Application Development Vs Desktop Based Software Product

Software Today’s world has seen a lot of advancement in technology. This has been witnessed not only in the gadgets used in the industries and social arenas, but also in the nature of software used in .munication. In the past, applications were developed based on desktop. They targeted the need for desktop user of a .puter. As such, majority of this software could only meet the needs of the desktop user. As such, they did not meet the modern global standards. However, technological changes in today’s world have led to web application development. Much of the software being developed today meets global standards. Modern applications Modern software packages are no longer for use in standalone machines. Software product development based on the needs of e marketing has continued to gain popularity over the years. Among the most popular web applications, which have be.e very popular today is the shopping cart that is found on e .merce website. It is apparent that web application development has already replaced desktop-based software product development. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the following: Better functionality Better usability Better view In most cases, web applications are made on the basis of the user architecture. They also use web browser as their interface. These are some of the main aspects, which have given web-based applications so much popularity. Today, many people are spending much of their time browsing the Internet. Some are browsing for information on the products they intend to purchase while others are chatting with their friends. As such, they are using web-based applications more often when .pared to desktop-based applications. In addition, web applications require little maintenance. You just install them and even updates are easily accessible. On the other hand, desktop based applications have to be installed in every .puter. Even updating has to be done on each .puter separately. This makes it more cumbersome when .pared to web based applications. Similarly, web applications are easy to use. This is because you can access them from any location. Desktop applications require you to be where your .puter is in order to access them. This makes them less convenient when .pared to web based applications, which require the user to have only Internet connectivity. Nevertheless, web applications too have their short.ings. For instance, you must have Inter. connectivity for you to use them. Sometimes Inter. connectivity might be slow. This will affect performance. With desktop application, you do not require the Inter. to use the application. Thus, there are no Inter. issues whatsoever. In addition to this, the cost of developing web-based applications is high. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: