The next five years, domestic outlander formally introduced 10 new models of auto – Sohu

The next five years, domestic outlander formally introduced 10 new models of auto – Sohu in August 26th, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI made the Outlander officially off the assembly line at the Guangzhou MITSUBISHI Changsha factory in Xingsha. Prior to the GAC MITSUBISHI announced the pre-sale price of 18-26 million, is expected to provide four different models for consumer choice (2.0L two, 2.4L). It is reported that MITSUBISHI will introduce 10 new models in the next 5 years, and launched a joint venture brands. Appearance: the appearance of the interior and domestic cars imported models are consistent in appearance with a new design language, the mouth grille pop ", extensive use of chrome decoration, enhance the sense of fashion; the headlights group integrated LED headlights and LED width lamp, make the car more sense of technology, at the same time to enhance the driving safety. In addition to the rear of the car, MITSUBISHI logo is located on the left side, and " OUTLANDER" logo was moved to the right side of the body. Interior: new interior and power is expected to be consistent with the previous version of the imported models. Configuration, the new car will be equipped with heated front seats, power tailgate, reversing radar, vehicle stability system, S-AWC super all wheel drive four-wheel drive system configuration. Power: the new car will use cash and imported models of the same displacement of 2 liters and 2.4 liters of two naturally aspirated engine, produced by MITSUBISHI Automotive Industry Co. ltd.. But in the new car engine parameters above than the imported version of the model is improved, the 2.4 liter engine maximum power of 141 kilowatts, 2 liter engine maximum power of 122 kilowatts, the expected performance is better than the cash of imported cars in power.相关的主题文章: