The old man didn’t knocked away, she gained a series of unexpected surprises.-660003

The old man didn’t knocked away, she gained a series of surprises in the hospital to take care of Chen Guo original title: an elderly woman knocked out a series of deductible medical expenses was moved by her interview on September 9th was moved down the elderly, deductible medical expenses, free admission interview accidents accident in Nanning, a series of pull. Department of orthopedics, the first people’s Hospital of the two ward, a woman wearing green clothes to keep in a man’s bed, the old man groaned with pain, the woman has been in comfort. It is understood that the old man and woman is neither relatives, nor the employment relationship, because of the car accident, let them become a family from strangers. A story happened between them, and listen to the reporter, she burst on the way to the interview the old man walking down the morning of September 9th, in the Department of orthopedics of Nanning first people’s hospital ward two, a woman is wearing green clothes over to take care of an old man. Woman, Nanning, 38 years old, her daughter is in high school, his wife in Nanning has a security work. Ms. Guo usually work in a convenience store, because at night, in order to health, she thought can change a day shift work. In September 8th, Ms. Guo went to the interview for a new job. In the morning to go to the interview on the road, she rode the electric car in the ancient city of the road national Avenue intersection, accidentally knocked down an old man is walking. The old man surnamed Chen, 73 years old this year. "The road was very crowded, Chen man walking in front of me, I in order to avoid him, front dumped it over. I got up and found him on the floor." Guo recalls, passers-by quickly put her up and found the old man was not hurt, then dialed 120, then the two were sent to the first people’s Hospital of Nanning. After arriving at the hospital, because the accident responsibility is not distinguish, Guo initiative to help the elderly to advance the 1000 yuan, and stayed in the hospital waiting for the families of the elderly. According to doctors, because the old man had a compression fracture of the lumbar spine, in the end where the injury, you need to stay in hospital for a few days to see the results. Chen told reporters that he went for a walk in the morning, on the way home, I do not know how to be knocked down. Family members said that the old man has not touched her health insurance to pay the medical expenses Chen’s wife Lu aunt rushed to the hospital, met his wife in the side of the Shou Guo, he told her not to take this thing in mind, don’t blame yourself. "I heard aunt’s words, I felt a lot of calm." Guo said, then, Lu aunt also took her to the traffic police brigade, explained the whole thing. Because we see Ms. Guo so have to play, my dad has health insurance, her family’s condition is not good, so we decided not to her family to pay for medical expenses." Chen’s daughter told reporters. After making this decision in the Chen family, Chen began to find workers. Heard aunt Lu to find workers, Ms. Guo volunteered to live just down. So, Chen in hospital these days, Ms. Guo is 24 hours to take care of all day long. In fact, when the accident occurred, Ms. Guo was injured, her legs swollen and painful, she only went to the pharmacy to buy a few ointment paste. Why do you want to do so, Ms. Guo is very frank!相关的主题文章: