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The part let enough "dig a very edge city, former Tengchong pakpal street, every household carved jade, smell and sound. When the jade merchant caravan through the back of the original stone, opened up the product phase or poor processing residual broken jade, a road built housing footing, now the old city transformation, digging a ruler will be jade. Flashlight, hoe, the jewel, jade men and women, old and young, is moving……" The evening of September 26th, Tengchong city in the local part of the masses in a road construction site for mining jade Taobao phenomenon, attracting a large number of people around the crowd, the film became a reality version of "crazy stone"! (September 27th Yunnan) Tengchong city treasures, it is free of Weakness lends wings to rumours. Tengchong jade merchant said, the history of Tengchong is the "Emerald City", residents will have treasure on the custom of the local people during the demolition of old buildings and building new when will be competing, baobuqi can dig digging treasure what baby. This is a reason. Second reasons, as China’s first city of jade, in the history of hundreds of years of jade processing trade, some of the processing value of the corner waste, has been used as a base buried in the ground. But with the jade stone market prices higher, now waste also became a baby. The third part, for the people of Tengchong, also is a fun, modern and advanced taking interaction. So, to completely eliminate the hidden treasures ", almost impossible. Think carefully, it is not necessary, even dig out some of the leftover materials, but also better than waste buried in the ground, and have fun! Of course, people worry about, not poached baby, but safe. Carrying digging tools into the construction site, easy to produce security risks, danger may occur at any time, this is the construction site and the owners are most worried about. Once the accident, who will bear the responsibility, this is the key to the problem. Such fears are not unfounded. To ensure the safety of construction, while it is difficult to persuade the people away, how to do? In fact, the problem is not difficult to solve. Before the start of the construction, after the demolition of the old buildings, may wish to set aside a certain amount of time, so that the masses to dig, dig a happy, dig enough, and then into the construction, the problem is not solved it? In this way, there may be a certain amount of time to sacrifice, but compared to the risk of reduction, compared with the satisfaction of the masses, is it worth it? Guan Yubing source: China Jiangsu network相关的主题文章: