The proposal to fight the war, the election of Chen Douling angle was fully recognized by Zhang Yixi

"Marry" casting Zhang Yixing Chen Douling won the battle Zhang Yixing Chen Douling Chinese fully recognized version "courtship major combat" since November 4th in Shanghai filming a low-key, starring popular appeal released on the super idol Zhang Yixing, burst table and the unique pure temperament of the actor Chen Dou Ling, the drama of the online discussion on the heat continued to increase, not only boot news continuously occupied micro-blog hot search list, the two stars for the heroine is extremely fit the characters of popular drama fans recognized. "Marry big fight" through actor again in the heroine’s wedding across the back of youth, the leading man in introspection and regain youth moved relive the chance of love and understanding the truth of life. At the same time, the play for the warmth of friendship and family description, the fine description of the feelings of youth, and good intentions of human nature is also very in-depth analysis. Chinese version of the proposed war will be retained in the original drama based on the essence of the local adaptation, can be described as a rare drama in the 2017 TV market, there is a temperature, more depth of youth idol drama. "Marry" casting Zhang Yixing Chen Douling won the battle comprehensiverecognition exposure men starring lineup on the same day, the "news proposal combat" boot it into the micro-blog hot search list reside, micro-blog announced in 180 thousand times to be forwarded, sparked a wave of the original drama complement gear heat evoked the original drama drama many and many of the youth drama, idol drama fans expect boom. A netizen said: "the original drama is one of my favorite TV show, when chase drama was a young girl, now has a wife. Look back the show for 10 years, was also his youth through the ten years, the China remake version of people really look forward to, hope can with the Chinese version of "marry big fight" again back youth, relive moved." "For the theme of youth work is always difficult to resist, especially Zhang Yixing and Chen Douling on this campus CP, just a quiet stand has been very young fan, see the official blog style feeling the drama temperament walking route, look forward to!" Original, the male of handsome appearance, but in emotional problems on slow reaction, on the contrary, although the main female character reserved, but the mind is extremely delicate, so a pair of boys and girls because of poor childhood sweetheart, attributes and fate in the age of students staged once again regret and miss. Chinese version of the proposed big fight in the selection of the horn is not only consider the performance of the foundation and popularity appeal, actor temperament and role fit is also one of the important considerations. The final selection of the hero and heroine are popular by the adorable image of "little sheep", and Zhang Yixing style fresh seductive "small ears" starring Chen Douling. Choose the angle after the announcement, many of the original drama fans said: "male and female version of China recognized God Yan Shan P and sesame paste beauty, for me this original powder, perhaps it is difficult to replicate, but at least from the China version of actor temperament to the image are quite in line with expectations," little sheep "and" small ears"."   "2017 major combat" proposal is expected to start another hot screen youth outlook 2017 TV drama, "Ode to joy" 2 modern theme will become the main screen, "summer solstice" cold ", can not be sad" and other idol drama is expected to more off a series of network.相关的主题文章: