The province cools 8 to 10 degrees centigrade within 48 hours, and the lowest temperature is 5 degre-winflash

48 hours in the province’s 8 cooling to 10 degrees today, the minimum temperature of 5 degrees last winter, Nanjing ushered in the rain, to the shop on the ground floor "carpet" ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Zhao Jie photo in November 7th winter, the second half of the first cold wave warning came. Cold air clutches have reached Jiangsu, the 8 day (today), 48 hours in most parts of the province within the temperature range will reach 8 to 10 degrees, the minimum temperature is only 5 degrees today. Cool that come, to put on thick clothes. Modern Express reporter Xu Cen ZAKER Nanjing yesterday, Nanjing to return to the rainy day. Is to catch up with the cold winter, also to cheer. The Central Meteorological Station released 6 cold blue warning signal, affected by strong cold air, 7 to 9, eastern region will appear obvious windy cool weather. However, yesterday the cooling is not obvious, Southeast of the high temperature is around 20 degrees C, other areas in the 9 to 16 DEG C. Really cool today is coming, Jiangsu meteorological observatory issued a cool report, there will be 5 to 7 northerly winds in Huaibei province today, low temperature dropped to 5 degrees Celsius, along the Yangtze River and South of Jiangsu fell to 10 degrees Celsius, higher than the previous day dropped 7 degrees. The weather is too capricious, two days ago as if still fall, today as if a second switch to winter, do not give respite. Today only the wind, no rain. Buddies out of clothes, as long as the trousers wear thick clothes and warm wind. The most cold is tomorrow morning, northwest area is only 3 to 4 DEG C, there will be frost or frost. Buddies all earmuffs, scarves and gloves to wear winter equipment; other regions in low temperature 7 to 11 DEG C, should pay more attention to. The beginning of winter and cool, is not to be a winter? This week is not to open the cold mode? Fortunately, God is not too cruel. Modern Express reporter learned that, on the 10 day, this wave of cold air in the past, the temperature will rise, most areas of high temperature is expected to rise to 20 degrees celsius. According to the Jiangsu meteorological forecast a week, from 10 onwards, the province’s weather will be cloudy or sunny weather. The autumn sun will accompany you to come back. When the weather is good, buddies can seize the time to wash the sun and enjoy the autumn. Fall short, and in late November is the annual winter season, leaving us in the fall of "balance" is not! At the same time to remind you, the temperature dropped to timely change of clothing industry. Nanjing three days the weather today sometimes overcast with light rain and stopped overcast to cloudy, north wind 4 to 5 gust 6, 9 ~ 12 degrees tomorrow cloudy to overcast, cloudy day after 7 to 13 DEG C to 14 DEG C, 8 Central Meteorological Station: cold air strikes local cooling will extended 10 degrees with the original Video: independent

全省48小时内降温8到10℃ 今天最低气温5℃昨天立冬,南京迎来中雨,给地面铺上一层“地毯”现代快报 ZAKER南京记者 赵杰 摄11月7日立冬,下半年首个寒潮预警也来了。冷空气的魔爪已经伸向了江苏,8日(今天)起,全省大部分地区48小时内降温幅度将达到8到10℃,今天全省最低气温只有5℃。降温说来就来,厚衣服要重新穿上了。现代快报 ZAKER南京记者 徐岑昨天,南京重回阴雨天。正赶上立冬,寒潮也来捧场。中央气象台6时发布寒潮蓝色预警信号,受强冷空气影响,7日到9日中东部地区将出现明显大风降温天气。不过,昨天降温还不明显,东南部气温偏高仍在20℃左右,其他地区则在9到16℃。真正的降温今天到来,江苏省气象台发布降温报告,今天全省将有5到7级偏北大风,淮北地区低温降到5℃左右,沿江和苏南下降到10℃左右,较前一天骤降7℃。天气太任性,前两天仿佛还在秋天,今天仿佛又一秒切换到冬天,不给人喘息的机会。好在今天只有风,没有多少雨水来捣乱。小伙伴们只要翻出棉衣、棉裤穿厚点,抗风又保暖。最冷的是明天早上,西北部地区只有3到4℃,会有霜或霜冻。小伙伴们各种耳罩、围巾、手套等冬天的装备也要穿上了;其他地区的低温在7到11℃,也要多注意。立冬加降温,是不是要入冬了?本周是不是又要开启阴冷模式?还好,老天还不是太残忍。现代快报记者了解到,10日起,这波冷空气过去,全省气温又会回升了,大部分地区高温有望回升到20℃左右。根据江苏气象一周预报,从10日起,全省天气也会转为多云或晴好天气。秋日暖阳又会回来陪伴大家。到时候天气转好,小伙伴们可以抓紧时间洗晒、赏秋景了。秋天短暂,而11月下旬又是常年入冬的季节,留给我们的秋天“余额”不多啦!同时提醒大家,气温骤降骤升,衣物也要及时增减。南京三日天气今天 阴有时有小雨并渐止转阴到多云,偏北风4到5级阵风6级,9~12℃明天 多云到阴,7~13℃后天 多云,8~14℃ 中央气象台:冷空气来袭 局地降温将超10℃ 扩展视频:与原文无关相关的主题文章: