The purchase of the new Passat, Tencent to help you bargain! Car user

The purchase of the new Passat, Tencent to help you bargain! In the Car Buying broadcast Car Buying users for the biggest discount car Car Buying APP Car Buying Tencent in Car Buying live every Thursday afternoon at 2:30 in the column for the user, to bring the new car or the hot car and car Car Buying live users, since the program since its launch, has received widespread attention and praise of users. Buy a live show not only for the user to bring a valuable car Raiders, but more important is to give the user to send a real car concessions and benefits – which is the user’s own shop to buy a car is difficult to enjoy. In the period of the Mazda CX-4 and the new E class car Car Buying live process, each has 1 users in Beijing participated in our Car Buying live, and completed the car, so they enjoy the super welfare Car Buying discount, this is your own to other 4S stores Car Buying is difficult to enjoy. Quickly download the car through APP to watch our car show! IOS system users in the App Store search car download through, Andriod system users please go to the Android market search car download. You can click here to watch the video Car Buying: buy new Audi A4L if you want the future to enjoy such benefits, then please pay attention to our live show every Thursday. We will live the new Volkswagen Passat (ginseng, pictures, Car Buying inquiry), this is a very popular car. If you want to take this opportunity to buy any Passat car, please in WeChat to enroll in our activities, or send email to auto#tencent (e-mail please put "#" into the "@", and state your name and phone number). WeChat registration method: in WeChat search Tencent car WeChat public account and add attention. Attention, please reply in written below the message at the shake path + name + phone + pre model name. How to pay attention: Please watch carefully below: participate in the live car users can enjoy the benefits: the Passat is cash discount million yuan +1 Car Buying package (of course, if it is to follow through Car Buying program to the shop to buy a car users, will get more and other mysterious big surprise!). If you are ready to purchase the new Passat, then what are you hesitating, come and join us, we will provide you strive to maximize the benefits.相关的主题文章: