The son was bitten by a neighbor’s pet dog and his father broke three teeth soojin

The son was a neighbor dog bite father cut neighbor three teeth Ms. Pang show her husband was beaten when photos, but her still have obvious bruises. Reporter Li Hua photo Daily reporter Han Zheng Intern Yang Xueying Chongqing daily news think happened 10 days ago, lying on the bed in Banan District People’s Hospital of Liao still sad: originally close neighbors, but for a dog to become enemies. Originally, in August 19th, Mr. Liao’s dog neighbors a white son bite, although the couple to take their children to the rabies vaccine, but the white one can come without forethought, interrupted the 3 front teeth of Mr. liao. The dog bites in the neighbor kids yesterday morning, the inpatient department in Banan District People’s Hospital, the reporter saw Mr. Liao, his right eye and face is bruised, and accompany his wife Ms. Pang, face, shoulders, arms of the same. Ms. Pang broke the husband’s lips, saw 3 upper incisors has been broken down. "Three front teeth are a white neighbor interrupted!" Ms. Pang said the white one is their neighbors, two in Yudong Peninsula Cannes residential per capita. Ms. Pang said, did not expect August 19th, the relationship between the two was broken by a dog. Ms. Pang said, the same day more than 11 in the morning, she did the cleaning at home, the dog will untie the rope. At this time, a white son Hua Hua came downstairs to find her son playing big dragon dragons. Unexpectedly, when the brothers opened the door, the dog suddenly drilled out from the door, ran downstairs Hua Hua right thigh bite. See your dog gets into trouble, Mrs. Liao Xiansheng quickly drove Hua Hua to fight rabies vaccine. "We paid a total of more than 1100 yuan fee, there are no more than 4 needles." Ms. Pang said, after returning to the District, when Hua Hua did not have an adult in the family, the couple will he sent downstairs, and gave him 200 yuan. Neighbors rushed to interrupt the master’s teeth that night, Hua Hua’s grandfather came home from work, the grandson of the dog was bitten during the day to tell him. The 9 point lead, a white father came home, I heard that his son was bitten by a dog, the neighbors will fly into a rage with, yesun two came to Ms. Pang door. "You take my home dog bite to the child, why not to make a phone call……" When Mr. Liu opened the door, the white one will angrily asked, Mr. Liao is trying to explain, did not think the white one is actually a fist in the past, Mr Liu’s right eye position after a blow. Then, a white head severely hit in the face of Mr Liu, Mr Liu suddenly nose mouth are bleeding, 3 upper front teeth is Siegen broken. Ms. Pang quickly ran out of the bedroom, see her husband covered in blood, quickly stepped forward to discourage, but by the other bite, and then had a cuff and kick. At the urging of the white man, the white one was. Later, Liao Xiansheng couple were taken to hospital for treatment, and now has spent more than ten thousand yuan medical expenses. Neighbors fight police investigation Huahua grandpa white uncle told reporters yesterday, his son returned home after seeing the child was bitten by the dog, didn’t have to fight rabies vaccine, hurried toward Mr. Liao ran home. He thought his son was just a theory, I did not expect his son will do. For his son’s behavior, the white uncle said, mainly he ate wine". Ms. Pang said,.相关的主题文章: