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The spare key to "help" thieves left Land Rover bag way (Figure) – Beijing South police recovered Land Rover. The owner of the south to send a banner to the police. In November 2nd, the southern business Zhang Tian (a pseudonym) "Cup": stop in a hotel in the southern county of Nanchong City, the parking lot outside the white Land Rover Rover SUV glass attacked, car stolen handbag. The thief saw a spare key purse, simply do not have two, with a spare key left Land Rover. 6, 2009, Mr. Zhang and comedy a set: Southern police found the car in Chengdu, Land Rover, but also by the way to recover the value of other people’s theft of up to two Honda car. 11, Mr. Zhang took the tiger loop, money to send things to thank, they invited a community band beating drums and blowing trumpets to police investigators sent a banner. Land Rover "fly" car without driving recorder Zhang Tian is Zhejiang people, many years ago in the southern part of the county to do business, business made smooth. November 2nd 10 am, Mr. Zhang to the south of a hotel outside the parking lot to drive, found his Land Rover disappeared. This car to buy about 1500000 yuan, last night I stopped here, how to say no?" Mr. Zhang immediately to the police. The theft of such expensive vehicles was the first in the southern county. South County Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately set up a task force to investigate the case. Police handling the transfer of parking lot video found: November 2nd at 0 PM, two men drove this car Land Rover. Where did the two men drive Land Rover? The use of their own vehicle records, is the shortest way to find the car back. But the police visited the sales of Land Rover 4S shop found that the Land Rover is not equipped with a recorder. Follow the old Santana tail exposed the police continue to view the parking lot surveillance video, 20 minutes before the incident, the parking lot across the street in an old white Santana down a man several times to go to Land Rover car…… A few seconds later the man took a bag and left. 10 minutes later, the man came back, opened the Land Rover car door, and then drove away Land Rover. Police judge: the man is suspected of theft Land Rover, the old white Santana is the crime of transportation. The police soon found out: the old white Santana owner is south of a local woman. In the face of the police investigation, the woman a stomach grievances: the license plate number of Sichuan R× × × × × her, but stopped in Guangxi Yuelu on car license plate in about November 1st from 8 pm to 2 days 6 when being pulled off during the. Around the time Ms. car license stolen, police surrounding the transfer of video surveillance. Found another old white Santana has appeared in Guangxi Yuelu, the suspension of the license plate number is "A× × × × ×". Police analysis: the thief open Sichuan A× × × × × the old white Santana to the south when the crime, to pry away the tiger相关的主题文章: