The Spring Festival tickets, 4 strokes can be jianlou-vstart

There are 4 tickets during the Spring Festival, can recruit Jianlou Xinhua Lhasa February 1st news (reporter Zhang Chen) with the Spring Festival approaching, buy tickets before the holiday home difficult. Remind the Tibet railway department, travel ticket or "to pay attention to the following matters". Pay attention to the network surplus ticket at 7 in the morning. The current railway 12306 does not support the day 23 am to 7 pm the next day tickets, ticket out of the period of time will be in the next day at 7 sites during normal operation and go off to grab votes, the larger the probability of success. Try buying a slightly longer route ticket than going home. In accordance with the law within the Department of railway ticket on the ticket, the number of stops configuration of the train originating site generally do not have much more to the back of the site, the less ticket quota. When you buy a ticket, you can try to buy long distance tickets. This way will lose part of the ticket money, passengers can choose according to their own circumstances. Pay close attention to the temporary passenger rail authority opened during spring festival. According to the Convention, during the Spring Festival, the railway sector will be in high demand, the additional temporary bus tickets line, temporary bus sales in accordance with the spring pre-sale period, once the increase will be the first time the announcement on tickets, telephone and Internet can be booked. Pay attention to the remaining ticket information before the train approaching. Many of the passengers in advance for several days during the Spring Festival on the purchase of a round-trip ticket, passengers often because of work or other reasons temporarily change the itinerary, near the train before the departure will be part of the refund. At present, 12306 sites updated every half hour from the day to 4 days of the key direction of the train remaining ticket data, passengers in need of timely attention.

春运购票,有4招可“捡漏”   新华社拉萨2月1日专电(记者张宸)随着春节临近,购买节前回家票难上加难。西藏铁路部门提醒,春运购票注意以下事项或可“捡漏”。   关注早晨7时的网络余票。目前铁路12306网站不支持当日23时至次日7时购票,在该时间段内退出的余票将在次日7时网站正常运行时一起放出,抢票成功几率较大。   试着购买比回家路线略长的线路车票。按照铁路部门内部的放票规律,一趟列车中途站点配置的车票一般没有始发站点的数量多,越到后面的站点,车票配额越少。购买车票时,可试着购买长途车票。此种方式会损失部分车票钱,乘客可根据自身情况选择。   密切关注春运期间铁路部门增开的临时客车。按照惯例,春运期间,铁路部门会在一些需求量大、车票紧张的线路加开临时客车,临时客车的销售不按照春运预售期,一旦确定增加会第一时间发布公告放票,电话、网络均可预订。   关注列车临开前余票信息。很多乘客提前数十天就购买了春节期间往返车票,常有乘客因工作等原因临时改变行程,临近列车发车前会有部分退票。目前12306网站每隔半小时更新一次当日起至4日内重点方向列车的余票数据,有需要的乘客可及时关注。相关的主题文章: