The Strongholds Of New Age

Alternative The main goal of new age techniques or anyhow of alternative medicines, is to promote and spread various disciplines that can contribute to the improvement of the wellness of peoples life. Although there are a lot of disciplines and techniques that are inspired by this ample movements, with very flexible and not defined boundaries, and that are all looking for techniques that if applied and cultivated in the right measure, can provide the tools for a greater increase in and consciousness of our own self and to obtain the achievement of a greater collective and individual happiness. One of the strongholds of this philosophy is, in fact, the theory of positive thinking. According to this philosophy, the human mind has some deep and wide powers that can even modify our reality. Every thought, in every moment creates our reality. We are reality-creators, continuously. According to this premise, the reality around us is nothing but an expression of our thought. Giving a positive address to our considerations and attitudes is therefore fundamental, because thoughts and words that we choose to live will be our tomorrow and our goals. Positive thinking so consists in that mental status, fruit also of a cultural elaboration that enables every individual to face with optimism and trust his lifes experience. The main belief shared by all or almost all new ager (even in the boundless landscape that makes difficult and misleading any excessive scheme) is that our pla. and the humanity as a whole (through a process of transformation that is individual) is at the threshold of a spiritual progress along the time line that, if achieved, will allow access to new dimensions of existence or a new form of consciousness. From many parts, for example, it is referenced the year 2012 (taken from several ancient prophecies) as an indicative term of a major transition and a quantum leap in the time tissue due also to the crossing of the solar system by an energy field with very high energy frequency as a photon belt. The concept of time is intended as a linear time, in which the humanity continues on its path. Of course, for its nature, these are not facts and concepts found in academic science and even less in the beliefs accepted by traditional religions. They, however, for the New Age vision, should not be used as the classical pending of the end of the world of Judgment, but as a time limit, tied to the great cosmic cycles, within which every human being (and society as a whole) must prepare and restructure himself, if he wants to avoid stagnation in the unstoppable evolutionary path. These advances, although of spiritual nature, are necessary related to material levels of existence and affect the same codes of physical structure. The new abilities linked to the interior awakening can lead to a substantial growth of the intuitive perceptions and to perceptive transformations linked to the possibility to see things now visible, to travel instantaneously in space, to catch meanings and links before hidden in objects and events of the universe, and also to act on these objects and events in a plurality of new metaphysical ways. So the New Age philosophy willingly embraces, for example, the practice of meditation, or concepts of eastern provenience as the one of the awakening in a Buddhist sense or the one of the opening of the third eye. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: