The stunning time Hongkong delicacy.

The quest stunning time Hongkong delicacy towards sugar tea, Tim good snacks, Lan Fong Yuen tea stockings, James Tsai remember signs wonton noodle. Nine sirloin beef noodle soup, Hong Kong style roast sweet card Roasted Goose, Australian milk company milk custard, of course, don’t forget the most authentic Chuihua and Hui Lau shan! In Hongkong, you may not be happy because you can’t afford luxuries on the street, but I’ll make sure you have a good time! Here is your CC by eating the chowhound delicacy and meat for you too long to sort out Hongkong delicacy! One of the oldest restaurant Lan Fong Yuen tea tea restaurant, the most authentic tea stockings address: Hongkong Island street, central node records into the shop experience: really is a great reputation, the facade of ultra small, in the crowded, bustling urban central can have such a space for one person is not easy enough. Always feel the name of high-end atmosphere, must be a place of some luxury. The Google map for the past, that has reached the destination, but found that are next to the old shop, once suspected Google and ventilation. Suddenly beside a uphill fork that saw a large sunshade block shop door wrote: blue! Fang! Park! Well, it sounds very Western names are used to lie. Silk stockings milk tea. Delicacy recommendation: milk tea, gold pig bag says not to drink Lan Fong Yuen tea stockings have never been equal to Hongkong. A cup of tea and milk with mellow, mellow entrance silky and delicate, perfect reputation is well deserved! Then a gold pork chop package, the store will help you directly cut in half, pork is tender and juicy, a pork chop package a mouthful of tea, a tea again export pork chop package, feel life is complete! Two, remember when James Tsai shrimp wonton soup in the above, but a little salty address: there are a lot of stores in Hongkong, CC is from the Lan Fong Yuen very near Wellington Street shop into the shop experience: small Bo is the characteristics of Hongkong, originally did not intend to eat, inadvertently in a small window beside the road to see these three words, although very full, but which are willing to miss! The shop pasted on the glass visible marked Michelin recommended as one of the ten local delicacy, style is enough! Not many varieties, the main signs Wonton Noodle with Shrimps, a bowl of wonton noodle hk. Recommendation: signs wonton noodle delicacy skin is thin, each a wonton wrapped in a loaf of plump shrimp, a delicious, rich soup (personally feel a little salty), is the Hongkong local characteristics of the face, very fine also some hard, but overall taste good. Three, in the antique store sugar, eating a tea line to the leg soft address: there are several stores, CC went to the Guangdong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui No. 100 underground store experience: looking for food in Hongkong is really not easy, this shop is on the ground, outside the window is very small, but the underground space pretty big. Ten in the morning to line up eleven points when finally eat the breakfast! A shop is famous, the price is not high, pork, chicken, shrimp dumplings, Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork tingzi Yu and other signs of tea, also have mango pancake, durian cakes and other desserts. Per capita 80!相关的主题文章: