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The "sword of the Han cloud" Zhang Yunlong Guan Xiaotong highlights watch Zhang Yunlong Guan Xiaotong scout fancy proposal "cloud of Han Dynasty" scene Tencent entertainment news yesterday, the TV drama "sword of Han cloud" launched welfare activities invited fans to visit the set, many fans went to Hengdian to watch the filming crew. Zhang Yunlong, Yu Feng, Guan Xiaotong, and other actors in the interview with the actor, and so on, but also with the fans to challenge the big test of the tacit understanding of the idol of the. But the fans sent summer signings at the same time, also to unlock many secrets shooting base. So let’s not to participate in the delivery of welfare, fans can not help "jealous" sound: "I really envy! I hope you can send a lot of benefits ah ~ dog welfare has been sent! Zhang Yunlong Guan Xiaotong proposed to fancy hazy sweet heart than the play, played by Zhang Yunlong Yan Feng (Huangpu asagumo) and Guan Xiaotong plays very rare IIM child heart more complex emotional scenes, although the scenes show how sweet, but for the first time cooperation two degree of understanding? Fans have always been curious. The question seems to have an answer in the "you guessed it.". Guan Xiaotong put down on one knee posture, seems to take advantage of fancy to marry him, angered the fans shouted "finally made of sugar", and Zhang Yunlong quickly answer, "pride" quipped: "this I cooked". It seems that the two dogs are not together with the understanding of the day two days! The photo session, the crew design a variety of posture lets fans pick, but naughty Zhang Yunlong still silently than a posture of scissors in hand, so that fans can not help Tucao: "my scissors hand this young Yunlong title really is not covered" and makeup posters frowned different, after witnessing the scene, in the dim as Huangpu reduction "white sage Muyun" noble image, dressed in white, an elegant white haired stunning debut. Yesterday is in the misty fan of the three anniversary of the establishment of "Lemon Festival", after witnessing the scene, in the dim not only caring and full with fans photo, is put on "love pose" attracted fans screaming constantly. The visit after receiving one by one to shake hands with fans in the dim, more careful to remind fans return Caution. The stars to provoke anti heat fans distressed to unlock multiple secret filming base in Hengdian in August the temperature is still hot, in experience after the fans have said: "the summer conditions in Hengdian really good hard, looked at his love love beans are also dressed in costumes, carrying multiple weapons, like Sweat streamed down the face. really good" distressed "crew all hard work, hope to send aid can make people feel cool, look up smoothly". Many fans goings idol, also personally on the scene unlocked "sword of the Han cloud" multiple shooting places. Although the late effects of support, "Han cloud" film crew still spent a lot of money in the scenes, from the barracks to the village, Princess Palace, the palace, as well as the Wushan goddess temple, "sword of the Han cloud" crew built a total of 12 large scenes, covers an area of more than fifty thousand square meters however, Yao Han barracks area occupied 8000 square meters. At each site are given a scene to restore only Zhaoyang real, real censor play members of the stars room and hall,.相关的主题文章: