The three vision suggests a breakthrough in clutching the new

The three anomalies hint that they will break through the new lead, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities in early trading ups and downs, of which the stock index slightly opened, Shenzhen opened slightly higher. After the opening round Shadie weight plates, driven by the stock quickly diving, and to support near 3050 points. Then in the support force, combined with the theme of plate rise, especially in energy conservation and environmental protection and the rapid rise of the Internet and financial sector, driven by higher stock shocks, the afternoon show is a full-blown trend, driven by the stock homeopathic not only recovered from 5, 10 and 20 days are line bound, but also to the line mark. On the whole, the stock index first suppressed and then increased on Tuesday, and realized the V reversal form. On the surface of hot, especially in the environmental sector is one of the most beautiful scenery, limit the number of stocks also increased, the money market effect has been strengthened. At the same time, the two volume is synchronous amplification, visible experience continuous sideways shocks with multi mood.according. Environmental protection, information security, and green semiconductor lighting sector gainers; only a few banks, such as iron and steel plate by. Recently we continue to remind the market change disk window is approaching, the rebound will be unexpected, and the stock Tuesday morning although was diving, but the afternoon upside rebound trend has come. From Tuesday’s view, the three bright spots are likely to open the wave of the counterattack: first, Tuesday’s volume amplification, to provide a strong impetus for the short-term rebound in the market. Tuesday in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities a total turnover of nearly 600 billion, a substantial increase over the previous trading day, we continue to remind the recent volume with the premise of not, it is difficult for the market to appear decent rebound, and the Tuesday market volume has been enlarged, the reactionary power market has emerged. Secondly, the new faucet has already come into being. Early market leading is mainly in the concept of placards real estate stocks, and the recent plate is also a continuous callback, the market needs a new leader to lead the way. Tuesday’s gainers are energy saving and environmental protection, and the sector is subject to greater positive stimulation, and the sector’s late industry policy will continue to be introduced, will have a policy guarantee for the late trend of the stock. Third, the recent stock index has been running on 5, 10 and 20 day moving average running multiple trading days, both sides of the long and short positions in the position of repeated contention, and Tuesday peatlands breakthrough, many have taken the initiative. Tuesday’s stock index upside, once again approaching the year line, has formed two degrees upside form. In addition, the recent stock index continued to adjust, fell below the middle of the BOLL channel, KDJ index has issued a buy signal, after the upside Tuesday obvious short-term adjustment ends. Comprehensive analysis shows that, with Tuesday’s stock index upside volume, now once again approaching the line, we believe that short-term breakthrough in the position of the pressure is a high probability event, investors stage slightly gallon, especially with the policy expectations, and recently adjusted stocks relatively full has more room to rise. This week’s reverse repo is in want of perfection and MLF due to the relatively large amount is about 600 billion of the scale, may have an impact on short-term market funds face.

三大异象暗示将突破 紧抓新龙头 沪深两市早盘涨跌不一,其中沪指微微低开,深市微微高开。开盘后权重板块全面杀跌,带动股指快速跳水,并跌至支撑位3050点附近。随后在该支撑力的作用下,再结合题材板块崛起,特别是节能环保类和互联金融等板块快速崛起,带动股指震荡走高,午后更是呈现全面爆发走势,带动股指不仅顺势收复5日、10日以及20日等均线的束缚,同时也直逼年线大关。整体上周二股指先抑后扬,实现V型反转形态。盘面上热点纷呈,特别是环保板块是最亮丽的一道风景,涨停板个股家数也有所增加,市场的赚钱效应有所转强。同时两市成交量也同步放大,可见经历连续的震荡横盘后多方也有点按耐不住。环境保护、信息安全、半导体、绿色照明等板块涨幅居前;仅有银行、钢铁等极少量板块微跌。近期我们持续提醒市场变盘的窗口已经临近,久违的反弹将会不期而至,而周二股指早盘虽然一度跳水,但是午后的上攻,反弹的走势终于来临。从周二盘面上来看,三大亮点有望开启反攻狂潮:首先,周二成交量放大,为短期市场的反弹提供强劲的动力。周二沪深两市共计成交接近6000亿,较前一个交易日大幅增加,近期我们持续提醒在未有成交量配合的前提下,市场很难出现像样的反弹,而周二市场的成交量已经放大,市场的反动动力已经显现。其次,新龙头已经产生。前期市场的龙头主要是在举牌概念的地产股,而近期该板块也是持续回调,市场急需要新龙头来领涨。周二涨幅居前的是节能环保,而该板块受到较大的利好刺激,且该板块后期的行业政策将不断出台,将对该股后期的走势有政策方面的保障。第三,近期股指已经在5日、10日和20日均线之间连续运行多个交易日,多空双方在该位置反复争夺,而周二放量突破,多方已经占据主动。周二股指的上攻,再度逼近年线,已经形成二度上攻的形态。另外,近期股指的持续调整,跌破BOLL通道的中轨后,KDJ指标已经发出买入信号,周二上攻后很明显的短期的调整结束。综合分析认为,随着周二股指的放量上攻,目前再度逼近年线,我们认为短期突破该位置的压力是大概率事件,建议投资者阶段小幅加仓,特别是有政策预期,且最近调整比较充分的个股更具有上涨的空间。美中不足的是本周逆回购和MLF到期的量比较大,约是6000亿的规模,或许对短期市场资金面有所影响。相关的主题文章: