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The transfer is now 200 thousand yuan, second-hand housing transactions cattle? Don’t " Gasser " trap claim "internal person", which can use the "hacker" technology, so anxious to transfer people quickly stopper". Reporters yesterday from the Chaoyang District real estate registration center was informed that the 13 criminals in Chaoyang District because of the real estate registration center for queuing "occupied" and "down", to obtain illegal benefits, disrupting the scene made by the police control order. "Within 15 days of the transfer number, 250 thousand yuan; the transfer number within the next 25 days, $200 thousand; the transfer of the number of days, 100 thousand yuan; more than 40 days, about 50 thousand yuan." Recently, a "Beijing real estate transaction, the transfer price of 200 thousand yuan crazy scalping" the article circulated on the internet. Reporters learned that many people are anxious to buy real estate plan, likely to fall, cattle consulting agency express. But whether someone really pay such astronomical transfer office, the relevant departments are still collecting evidence. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter found inquires, at present, the second-hand housing transaction tax appointment to have an appointment in October 8th, the real estate registration parts business online booking to October 24th, two by 16 days. If a person submitted today to the secondary housing transaction qualification, excluding loan audit time, should be completed within 50 days of transfer. But in the case of the property market prices soared, many sellers received the deposit back again, would rather pay default payments after the houses will be a sharp increase in prices linked to the Internet, which makes a lot of people buy a house would be flustered, two or three days to fix all transfer procedures. Chaoyang real estate registration hall relevant responsible person said, in recent years, Chaoyang District’s real estate turnover increased year by year, nearly 3 years, Chaoyang District’s average annual housing registration amount of 248 thousand, the city accounted for more than 1/3 of the amount of registration. The huge volume of business, plus this year the number of property transactions unpopular, real estate registration center for all kinds of real estate transaction procedures to handle business surge, waiting for a long time, criminals took the opportunity to "money". According to the analysis, the real estate industry in spite of this, various price "cattle", news, or big fudge ingredients, some criminals use information asymmetry, deliberately create a tense atmosphere, to increase people’s fear of getting psychological. "In order to avoid criminals, but we had Jiase, upgrade the system from the scene, the real name system and comprehensive business information association." Relevant responsible person said, the applicant must hold the mainland resident identity cards, through the window made of the ID card reader into the identity information, and entered the real estate business to take a number of management information. Decrypt the cattle "Huyou" depends on this 4 strokes tips: Tension "fans" cattle would claim that the appointment is not difficult, professionals cannot take a number, they must be entrusted to handle, to charge exorbitant fees. Because a lot of people booking, although the appointment cycle has been extended, but the system is running normally." Relevant person in charge reminded that the applicant can be understood through the official website of the official website, there are special problems to contact the center staff to help solve, do not believe rumors, so as not to be deceived. Two tricks: about normal are called "delayed" by the system characteristics of normal appointment, but that the use of technical means stopper",.相关的主题文章: