The two generation Japanese star pat AV was friends curse Sakaguchi Anri apologized to his mother-spyair

Japanese star two generation AV shot by netizens to curse Sakaguchi Anri dead mother apologize to Ryoko Sakaguchi (left) Sakaguchi Anri (arms) Sakaguchi Anri turned AV actress in the electronic newspaper on October 24th news, Japanese veteran actress Ryoko Sakaguchi’s daughter Sakaguchi Anri in 25 years old mother inherited mantle entrainment "star two generation" ring debut, but Anri did not struggle for 8 years the tricks in the mother, for colorectal cancer and died in 3 years, announced that AV turned actress debut has been listed in the first month, but she turned it caused a lot of negative comments, even a netizen called her to die, let her feel the pressure, can not help but issued a document that verbal violence than what. After users delete messages, Sakaguchi Anri swallow it, and then posting said: " since you want to delete a message, why did they write that ", also said it would not care about these words hurt people, so save a little popularity, and yesterday coincides with the mother Sakaguchi Liangzi’s birth, Sakaguchi Anri with corrupt mother reputation infamy, issued a document that he was unfilial daughter," did not take good care of you, I feel very sorry, in this world, I love the most is the mother, mother in my heart, you are always in my side, "said after their expression will leave the world, apologize thanks to the mother in the world. She last month with the AV name "ANRI" opened a new twitter account, official actress identity management community, has accumulated more than 50 thousand fans, she issued a record transfer bit, trying to lose weight, skin care and try to figure out the performance skills, said even struggle a lot of pressure, but they will be determined to become a top actress for AV to go.

日本星二代拍AV遭网友诅咒 坂口杏里向亡母道歉  坂口良子(左)坂口杏里(怀中)  坂口杏里转行做AV女优  中时电子报10月24日消息,日本老牌女星坂口良子的爱女坂口杏里在25岁继承母亲衣钵,夹带“星二代”光环出道,但是杏里奋斗了8年没闯出名堂,在母亲因大肠癌过世3年后,竟宣布转行当AV女优,处女作已在月初上市,然而她转职一事引发不少负面评论,甚至有网友留言叫她去死,让她备感压力,忍不住发文表示言语暴力比什么都难受。  事后网友删除了留言,坂口杏里忍不下这口气,再发文表示:"既然要删留言,当初何必写那些“,同时表示不会在乎这些用言语伤人的人,也因此挽回了一点人气,而昨天适逢母亲坂口良子的冥诞,坂口杏里背负着败坏母亲名声的骂名,发文坦承自己是不孝的女儿,”没能好好孝顺妳,我觉得很抱歉,在这个世界上,我最爱的就是妈妈,在我心裡,妈妈妳永远都在我身边“,还说等以后自己也离开人间,会在那个世界向母亲表达歉意跟谢意。  而她上个月以AV艺名“ANRI”开设新的推特帐号,正式以女优身份经营社群,目前已累积5万多粉丝,她发文纪录转职点滴,努力减肥、护肤及揣摩演出技巧,表示即便奋斗压力很大,但自己会坚定以成为顶级AV女优为目标努力下去。相关的主题文章: