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The United States pharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb once again highlights the plight of layoffs following the end of 2014 in China for thousands of people after the layoffs, recently, the U.S. pharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb once again exposed the layoffs, the two main product groups Department layoffs involving tumor division, including Thai prime (Paclitarel Injection) and paraplatin (Carboplatin Injection two) product divisions are affected, the total number of layoffs of nearly 1000 people. In addition, in March this year, Bristol Shi Guibao also stopped in Chinese district all business department customer reception, lecture fees, sponsorship and other activities in order to adapt to the society, China district foreign pharmaceutical companies compliance requirements. The rise in domestic generics in the background, in order to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition environment, foreign pharmaceutical companies are focused on poor profitability in processing’s product line, and the resources for the development of high Niihara drug. At the same time, in order to meet compliance requirements, foreign pharmaceutical companies are organized into a period of transition. Foreign pharmaceutical companies reoccurrence of layoffs storm for Bristol Myers, in China is not the first large-scale layoffs. By the end of 2014, Bristol Myers layoffs covering almost all China district division: diabetes department, sales department, support division, Department of liver tumor, cardiovascular department, OTC department and so on, the number of layoffs of nearly 1000 people. In the industry view, for the consideration of cost control, cut production line of some poor profitability of products is the usual means of survival by foreign pharmaceutical companies in china. The reasons for the layoffs, Bristol Myers responded that taxol products has entered a mature stage of the product life cycle, the market has seen a nearly 60 generics. For this product, the market space is gradually narrowing, drug promotion has entered a bottleneck period, the market value of the company has little. From Bristol Myers Squibb’s semi annual results this year, sales achieved only single digit growth, an increase of 6.68% over the same period last year, compared with Pfizer, Bayer, Sanofi double-digit growth compared to a gap. The industry believes that the reduction can create high value-added sectors, to enhance the performance of Bristol Myers will play a supporting role. In fact, there is not layoffs Bristol Myers Squibb company. At the beginning of this year, the U.S. pharmaceutical company Johnson announced, will be in the next two years the abolition of the global medical device sector about 3000 jobs. Although China has not been confirmed within the scope of layoffs Johnson relevant person in charge, but after the implementation of layoffs, the decline in the degree of decline in the performance of Johnson’s medical device sector narrowed significantly. Highlight the survival dilemma for foreign pharmaceutical companies layoffs appear layoffs and cut production lines for the trend, the pharmaceutical industry analyst Yue Feng told the Beijing Daily reporter said, the main purpose of foreign pharmaceutical companies resorted to layoffs measures is to reduce the cost and boost performance. Especially for the China market, foreign pharmaceutical companies facing pressure over blockbuster drug patent protection expires at Maple, with China pharmaceutical technology, low-cost generic drugs on the market for foreign pharmaceutical companies also pose a greater impact. Pfizer, the world’s largest drug maker, for example, has seen its growth in China over the past few years相关的主题文章: