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The US Open tennis tournament opener   China "Jinhua" Qi round bloom – Sports – original title: China "Jinhua" first Qi bloom Duan Yingying in the game ball to Xinhua news agency, according to Xinhua news agency, the U.S. Open tennis tournament on the first day of China Jinhua, Zheng Saisai ushered in the opener, Duan Yingying and Wang Yafan defeated their opponents second in advance round. Zheng Saisai broke a big upset, she takes 6:4 and 6:2 two straight sets victory over the Rio Olympic Games women’s singles gold medalist Pylo. "I am very happy, the first round of the US Open is always very difficult for her fans (Puyiluo) crazy, because she just won the Olympic champion, but she is also so the pressure is relatively large," Zheng Saisai said after the game, "later I strategy is not to fight, fight angle, let her move, transfer the opponent, it is normal to play." The tournament No. four seed, the Spanish king Nadal to 6:1, 6:4 and 6:2 in three straight sets victory over Uzbekistan player istomin. "Today it is normal to play, not bad," Nadal said, "my service has been good, but I can also backhand, forehand also need time to recover, need confidence and practice." The men’s singles top seed Djokovic also successfully cut, he beat Poland ace Jano Vecchi 6:3, 5:7, 6:2 And 6:1, successfully entered the second round. The appearance of the other two China players, 6:4, and 4:6 segment Yingying defeated Greece 6:3 ace Sakari. "I played very well today, before the third set to go to the bathroom, in which I want to coach the layout of the tactics, adjusted well, this victory is very important to me," Duan Yingying said after the game. Wang Yafan by 6:3 And 7:6 (4) defeated Belgium Wuyiwanke fan?. "Before the game with the coach of rival video, found some problems, the backhand more opponents today, perform well," Wang Yafan said after the game, "before the state is not very good, this mentality is very calm, let go and fight." (commissioning editor Hu Xuerong and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: