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The "war" champion Cao Bingkun Ma Li and Jin Ling Geluyinghao in Sohu   entertainment; the "war of Jinling" Shanghai news comprehensive channel hit entertainment Sohu by Yan Xiaobo, directed by Li Xinbo, Cao Bingkun, Ma Li, Wuqiang, waxberry starring blood’s legendary drama "war gold Ling" is Shanghai news comprehensive channel hit. Every night 19:40 two free. The play focuses on a resourceful member of the Communist Party in the summer wind of despair and barren hills and turbulent rivers, the elves and the battle of wits Greater Khingan Range bandits douyong Japanese ninja group, and eventually the Kuomintang in power and belief in victory against find gold veins of the story. The masterpiece gathered the screen, the "war of Jinling" high quality champion current hit all kinds of TV drama, war theme works be too numerous to enumerate. The "war Jinling" by virtue of strong plot, high-quality production standards and expectations. From the exposure of the trailers and still can be seen, this drama is not only closely, intense battle scenes and plot, grand and magnificent and spectacular scene making Hondar. It is reported that it is because of the drama script have great originality it has attracted the industry’s top team to join, ultimately contributed to this department’s drama. It is worth mentioning that the Yeju slope Inn, the lavender nursery meticulously, large chrysanthemum scene into the fashion element based on close to the era, more in line with the young audience’s aesthetic, the formation of a new visual experience. In addition to show the unique perspective in the plot setting, the "war" in Jin Ling descriptions of emotions is longer than in the past the same theme, beautiful romantic love in the battlefield, brother enemy enemy heroes of earth brotherly affection, cherish these perplexing emotional cues won widespread praise of the industry, showing a huge market potential. Put the spare tire so rough, seven sister destiny child cry Ma Li in the movie "Sherlock" in trouble, Ma Li played a "Chinese spare tire", in the "war" in Jin Ling, Ma Li will "turn the wheel" interpretation to the extreme. Take seven sister this role although charming, not only captured the hearts of countless bandits, but also ugly goalkeeper and the days in the danger does not kill the rescue. But she only will heart dark Cao Bingkun give as the summer wind, summer wind in order to protect the deal between various people, and many come forward. But sometimes not be like the summer wind, but spent seven sister still brave pursuit of love and dedication. To spend seven elder sister feelings bumpy road, Ma Li also has its own unique views: "spend seven elder sister in the play of the summer wind hell-bent, no matter what the situation she always first appeared to him, even life can not, of course, such a woman worthy of love." Seven sister of love and vowed to dare to love and hate is to let Ma Li have for the tears, she said: "a day in the morning, when I saw the script, take seven sister in the face of the summer wind to find he wanted the answer, I have cried." "Play." Cao Bingkun play all night just for the perfect interpretation possessed, played by Cao Bingkun, the male summer wind appears to be a well born frail scholar, is actually a wisdom of the underground party members, during the execution of the task, mistakenly hit.相关的主题文章: