The warm atmosphere will favor the methanol market

The warm atmosphere will favor the methanol market Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! With the end of the G20 summit, the downstream demand "thaw", the domestic methanol futures to decline, opened a market rebound, the main 1701 contract from 1920 yuan to 2050 yuan tons of tons of rapid rise near the market sentiment to do more. At present, many positive factors, and there is expected, after the Mid Autumn Festival, the warm atmosphere will continue to favor the methanol market, the price is expected to focus again on the move. The price of coal methanol as the supply side cost uplift stage reform deepening and the environmental factors of compressed coal production capacity, although there is no shortage of domestic anthracite supply situation, but showed a decreasing trend from month to month, and the local area transport limited supply leads to slightly tight, which prompted the anthracite prices in the second half of August rose slightly to usher in. You can see that, although this year the overall situation of the domestic coal market is relatively weak, but in the production capacity, production control in the background, the industry is still optimistic about the coal market outlook. However, the market return coal companies and traders hoarding coal procurement positive phenomenon, enhance the demand side of the power to a great extent, exacerbated by the coal supply and demand tension, so as to support the formation of prices. Therefore, in the domestic coal market as a whole is relatively strong environment, is expected in the future will also benefit from the price of anthracite, continue to maintain a stable attitude. This will lead to increased cost of raw materials for the production of coal methanol production enterprises, so as to raise the price of methanol sales late. The domestic methanol into the collective rise mode by Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, limiting the impact of market supply, North America methanol into tight state, last week FOB US Gulf methanol spot prices rose 1 cents to 75 cents a gallon gallons. Europe is due to the decline in the water level of the Rhine, cargo was weakened, coupled with good demand, resulting in a slight rise in the local methanol prices. Among them, FOB Rotterdam methanol prices rose 5.5 tons, to euro 212.5 tons. In Asian markets, China methanol demand gradually pick up, buying purchase will strongly promote the CFR last week Chinese methanol prices rose $8 to $233 tons of tons. In addition to the outer disk methanol price, Chinese also transferred to the inland area of methanol group rose pattern. According to statistics, since last week, Xinhang Boyuan coal plant accident parking, and yet far Hing products to supply tight, promote methanol spot prices rose sharply in the northwest 40 tons – 50 yuan. In North China, to benefit from the downstream demand recovery, traders actively purchasing and consumer confidence increased, the phenomenon of collective price increases. Among them, Lunan shipping price from 1720 yuan rose to 1780 yuan tons of tons, Henan Luoyang shipping prices to 1720 yuan tons, up 30 yuan tons, Hebei Tangshan area shipping prices to 1780 yuan tons, up 20 tons – 30 yuan. Although there is a strong differentiation between the downstream demand recovery, although the downstream demand has entered the peak season, but the strength of the consumer industry theory相关的主题文章: