The wedding ring does not see Hsu Chi return to Hong Kong saw red beads

The wedding ring does not see Hsu Chi return to Hong Kong only red beads Hsu Chi did not wear a wedding ring to Hsu Chi stills Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Hsu Chi day before filming Stephen Fung film "Grand Alliance", and the film crew to Prague, did not expect the two to take advantage of the beauty of lightning announced the marriage, Hsu Chi today (14 days) in the morning and two assistants the company returned to Hongkong, a "Mrs. Feng" of the title, naturally caused concern, see a large number of reporters at the airport, Hsu Chi first hesitated, then she dressed a relaxed smile a sweet smile, sharp eyed media found Hsu Chi hand not wearing a wedding ring, I saw the Buddha beads and the red line, much difference before and after marriage No. After a long flight, Hsu Chi now wearing Mickey Mouse T-shirt appeared in Hongkong airport, the reporter asked her if she had a husband with Stephen Fung back together? Is the journey happy? Hsu Chi only smile didn’t answer any questions, ask whether Hsu Chi will return to Taiwan to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, Hsu Chi nodded assistant out of China only smiled but did not reply. Go on the road in the parking lot, Hsu Chi was taking the wrong exit, the reporter reminded was back to the right path, the reporter did not see signs of dispersed, always naughty Hsu Chi could not help but say: "why is this road so long?" Anti loss media: "you are not tired?" Reporter wonderful back: for you!" When someone ask Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung will not make the wedding? Hsu Chi said: "don’t talk about it! The statement said, after saying goodbye to reporters, the car home.相关的主题文章: