The White House said Russia should respond to the United Nations humanitarian convoy was responsible onavo protect

The White House says Russia to deal with the UN humanitarian convoy in the Syrian air raid – Sohu responsible for the news in new network on 21 September,   according to foreign media reported on 20, the president of the United States Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes? Said at a press conference in New York, in Syria for the United Nations humanitarian convoy attacks may be implemented by the Syrian government or russia. Roz said: "all our news clearly shows that this is an air raid. This means that only two parties may be responsible for this: the Syrian government or russia. However, in view of the Russian government’s adherence to the ceasefire, we believe that they are responsible for the air strikes in the space." Red Cross and the United Nations humanitarian organization joint fleet was shelling in September 19th night. The team is made up of 31 trucks and has access to the Syria government and the rebels. According to the International Red Cross, 18 trucks were blown up. In addition, he signed a military cooperation agreement with the Russian government in Syria, said it was too early to sign the relevant agreement. Rhodes said at a news conference: "the Russian military cooperation had agreed to wait until after the ceasefire." "But that doesn’t mean we don’t worry that Russia can’t act in good faith," he said."相关的主题文章: