The woman was robbed of 6 security guards rescue injured iron holding sticks – Sohu news sopor aeternus

The woman was robbed of 6 security guards rescue injured – Sohu holding wooden sticks iron man was chased after news of robbery, armed with a dagger (white knife) and security confrontation. For respondents Figure 10 am yesterday, a man with a knife robbed a woman in Chaoyang District Dongyi international media industry park, and cut 6 security guards, including a security guard after being stabbed, rushed to the hospital for treatment has no danger. Chaoyang police informed the suspect Liu 33 years old, Liaoning, Haicheng, the case is still under further work. Man with a knife robbed bag fled after she is park cafeteria door, a man suddenly rushed up, with a knife to her waist, and stole her carry bag." Witnesses Ms. Wang told the Beijing News reporter yesterday, robbed the woman surnamed Cao and his colleagues, the Department of the front desk staff. Witnesses at the scene pictures show, robbed the man dressed in a white long sleeved shirt, black trousers and sleeves were rolled up, the skirt was swept to the abdomen, right hand holding a length of about 20 cm. According to the police, the day 10 am, the security guard small plant in the course of the patrol, encountered a woman for help, said it had just suffered a robbery. According to the description of the woman, a small edge of the alarm, while using the radio to patrol security guards in the vicinity of the briefing. Soon, small plant and colleagues found the suspect and pursue. Suspects in the escape process, took out a portable fruit knife waving resistance, and on a tricycle in the march. In the tricycle 300 meters, was rushed to the police and security guards don’t stop, the suspect was on the spot to control the police from the who seized a fruit knife. In case of a security against the waist was stabbed it is understood that the industrial park is responsible for the security work of Beijing Raymond security service company. In this office security, Mr. Zhang said, after the incident, he immediately and more security with sticks, iron bars and other equipment arrived, the suspect will be surrounded by. "The man holding a knife, see people scarify, several people were hurt." Zhang said, in addition to Ms. Cao, the other injured are security. Mr. Zhang recalled that during the struggle, the man hand was injured, so he will own clothes, clothes with dagger tied hands, then fled to the nearby Communication University of China west campus, and throw away. At 11 o’clock in the morning, at the Communication University of China West Campus north gate, the man attempts to taxi failed, finally stopped a tricycle, the owner threatened to take him away. At the same time, the security guards also drove to. "Our car hit three, then a group of people with a stick up, put him on the ground, but he would not leave the knife," Mr. Zhang said, the man was holding the security after the phone call the police, the man after being taken away by police. According to Zhang, a total of 6 security guards were injured during the arrest, the security team vice captain and property manager of the company due to minor injuries, wounds treated uneventfully, and a security guard after being stabbed, was sent to a nearby hospital for treatment, no danger. Beijing News reporter Ceng Jinqiu, Li Yutong相关的主题文章: