There is still rain in Hangzhou this rainy days in the return peak or current congestion over the ne musiland

There is still rain reporter Pang Jinghan near the end of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday in Hangzhou this rainy days in the return peak or current congestion over the next three days, affected by the typhoon, Hangzhou rainy. Some netizens ridicule, not only the moon, these days are difficult to see even the sun. Hangzhou city meteorological statistics, by the "miranti" influence, the day before yesterday Hangzhou appeared heavy rainfall process. 15, 8 to 16, 9, Hangzhou city’s average rainfall of 91 mm, the largest in Yuhang urban area of 108 mm, 95 mm; 170 sites over 100 mm (heavy rain), the largest single station rainfall Ling’an Qingliangfeng station 172 mm, the largest urban area outside Tong Wu 146 mm; a total of 8 sites appear over 8 winds, 9 largest urban area in Tianzhu mountain. Yesterday, 8 to 14, the main battlefield of the rain transferred to the Soviet union. The current "Meranti" has weakened into a tropical depression, its impact on Hangzhou has been gradually weakened. However, the next three days, Hangzhou is still a shower weather. Continuous rainfall may lead to landslides, small watershed flash floods, urban and rural waterlogging and other secondary disasters, need to guard against. In addition, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" center yesterday morning 8 when located in China’s Taiwan Province, Hualian city southeast of the Northwest Pacific ocean. Expected, "Maleka" will continue to move northwest, the intensity gradually (the strongest typhoon intensity level up to the super typhoon level), gradually close to the China Ocean east of Taiwan, grazed the island of Taiwan northeast coast after turning northerly direction, into the East China Sea in the East China Sea, and coastal north. Hangzhou city meteorological observatory forecast, the city today, overcast and sometimes showers; tomorrow overcast with showers. Today, the highest temperature of 28 degrees centigrade, the average relative humidity of 80%. The rainy day encounter peak return may appear congestion. The weather forecast on the 19 day (Monday): showers, 22 to 25 DEG C; the 20 day (Tuesday): showers, 20 to 25 DEG C; the 21 day (Wednesday): overcast to cloudy, 18 to 24 DEG C; the 22 day (Thursday): cloudy, 18 to 26 DEG C; 23 (Friday: cloudy), 19 to 26 DEG C相关的主题文章: