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These children around potential carcinogens, most parents will ignore the child – Sohu | cheats Jun – life is full of surprises, as for children, everywhere there is danger of life, because too much detail, often ignored by parents, some potential carcinogens, parents should pay attention to. Toy with bright brightly patterned many toys, nice and bright, children will see love, parents often love to buy this toy for children, but it is not so safe, children’s toys, adding lead and cadmium will be stronger, and some bright colors or patterned with spray paint, which will lead so much, to buy toys for children, the best to have big market quality, or buy some of the color light. New clothes, children’s clothes to buy back, the best wash sun wear, children’s clothes are prone to methanol exceed the standard problem, especially clean underwear, and the color must be light, give their children to buy clothes, material feels not too hard, with a printing pattern printing color pigment can not perfect, then, the smell of don’t buy. Plastic products, plastic bottles or child bowl, try to avoid heating, some of the poor quality of the plastic products, under the condition of high temperature may produce toxins, in addition, in the selection of plastic products for children appliances, carefully see appliance the numbers below, the number of words on behalf of all kinds of different meanings. The warm winter blanket facilities, electric blanket is common, but not recommended for pregnant women and children, not only to the safety coefficient of electric shock is low, but also produce a certain radiation, radiation safety range is 0.2 T, and it has been as high as 16.69 T, can not give children with No. And the child caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what way? When will the baby call mother? 1 year old really have to wean it?…… If you have these parenting confusion, please pay attention to WeChat public number: [parenting tips]. Do the "bottom" of the mother heart!相关的主题文章: