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Tiangong two did the experiment in the future to life bring what effect the Sohu news Tiangong two will be carried out more than ten space science and application of the project, the manned space mission is the previous application project is one of the largest. These projects seem to be cold, but each may have a great impact on people’s lives in the future. "Space time": space atomic clock 30 million years 1 error increase measurement accuracy due to the high accuracy of the space atomic clock in metrology, timing, global navigation and positioning system, the basic physical aspects are very important in scientific research and engineering application value. This time, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute developed a "space atomic clock" with "Tiangong two" was launched, is an international first in orbit and carry out scientific experiments of the "space atomic clock", is also the highest accuracy in space for the operation of the atomic clock. "Space atomic clock" laser cooling technology and combined with the space microgravity environment, is expected to achieve ultra high precision 10 minus 16 seconds. (about 30 million years, the time error of 1) measurement accuracy in space in improving human 1~2 orders. "Space communication": quantum key distribution for the communication network security escort with a wide range of the popularity of the Internet, various privacy information increasingly exposed on the internet. Protection of Internet information security encryption today called "public key cryptography", its principle is through the encryption algorithm, spread on the network generated public key and private key in the computer, the two key should cooperate in order to achieve full use of encryption and decryption process. Currently, the use of the Internet encryption standard is born in 1970s RSA algorithm. Just last month, China successfully launched the world’s first quantum communication satellites, which is an important milepost of communication security. The Tiangong two carrying the "quantum key distribution test space terminal", goal is to achieve the world’s first manned space platform space quantum key distribution based on demonstration experiment. It lays the foundation for the development of the space quantum secure communication between manned space flight and the future application of the whole world. "Sea space": 3D imaging microwave altimeter more accurate understanding of the marine environment safety Tiangong two 3D imaging microwave altimeter is the first to achieve wide swath microwave altimeter sea surface height measurement and imaging of the world. It adopts high precision, small angle interferometry, interference fringes can be obtained with the sea, and then obtain the three dimensional surface morphology, and then the sea surface height measurement standard obtained wide swath range complex. Why should the sea measured by microwave altimeter? Because of the occurrence of marine disasters, it is often accompanied by abnormal changes in the marine environment, such as the elevation of sea level and sea surface temperature in the local ocean area. The sea surface height anomaly increases, such as "El Nino", was only decimeter level, only the microwave altimeter keen to capture this subtle change. The implementation of microwave altimeter project can for Marine Environmental Research (including the global sea level oscillation相关的主题文章: