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Tibet army style is not informed of the real estate: artillery firing copy parameters – Sohu Military Channel newspaper: emergency pull before the leak assessment time, artillery firing copy of the correct shooting parameters…… In October 20th, the Tibet military field training is received a training style detailed list. Issued a notice of the military discipline inspection committee. Discipline work extends to the training ground, is to give full play to the functions of the discipline inspection work, a specific measure to carry out military training supervision." Tibet District Commission for Discipline Inspection discipline inspection department director Zhou Shundong, training inspectors, inspectors focus on tube time, content and effect of the implementation of "four", which is mainly the discipline inspectors correction training style, in addition to pinch the drill field "virtual flowers anthocarp". Along with the advance of national defense and military reform, to further strengthen the work of discipline inspection, the Tibet military region this year specially formulated "military forces to carry out training test wind wind wind play plan" to guide the supervision, discipline inspection and supervision work toward the center, to focus on training, let the discipline cadres become combat "". The discipline inspectors in their activities, according to the characteristics of military training, training point and more geographically dispersed, pumping group cadres and training experts composed of 3 inspection teams, take the slice inspector, random point, with training with play etc., to repair party meeting training form, individual officers grasping training is not strict. A few soldiers training standard is not high impact training benefits, do exercises and activities to promote, where inspection and supervision will extend to where, correction of the problem will follow up to where to look really strict correct forced troops training and strict training. Some part of the officers and men mask damaged, but get high marks in the infected zone through courses, inspection teams found the problem, immediately asked to re evaluate the performance; a brigade organization night shooting, will be part of the result is unqualified personnel as "qualified", the supervision team in time for the show "red card", and the unqualified personnel post; a communication unit using the device to obtain high signal increases in the new equipment operation examination, inspection teams found problems in the unit responsible for admonishing conversation, forcing soldiers Jieduan ugly. After the implementation of the discipline inspection and supervision activities, the Tibet military region has revoked the 2 units outstanding qualifications, withdrawn from the 3 false results. Focus on the effectiveness of the Discipline Inspection Commission to combat effectiveness, effectively enhance the training effectiveness.相关的主题文章: