Tiger mother and sent her son to a juvenile my good son changed.-acbel

"Tiger mother" and sent her son to a juvenile: my good son changed their world is the wish of the parents, children in order to have a good future, many parents think highly of children’s learning achievement. However, the child’s academic performance is too heavy, often resulting in two generations of conflict and generation gap. Recently, Chongqing Shapingba District Public Security Bureau 110 at the team soon received a police a "tiger mother", has asked the police to send his son to juvenile education. Mother: dear son had changed in September 16th 2 in the afternoon, Shapingba District 110 police at the team soon, Wu Haiyang Chun Qiu received the alarm, a woman said, his son is very rebellious, the family has not control him, the police want to tube, the best sent him to rehab. Police immediately drove to the sand road in a district, police woman will be brought to the police in the home. Alarm Ms. Chen (a pseudonym) depressed, talk to the police: tearful son (a pseudonym) this year have read the first two days, was obedient sensible, love learning, performance was very good. The top 10 in each exam. When the first day when the squad leader, the son of the previous performance so that Ms. Chen is very proud and pleased. However, Ms. Chen Schmidt, recently, she had found a good son suddenly not obedient son sit at home, always thinking of playing outside, stealing money playing online games, Internet overnight yebuguisu, teacher assignments always wait until the last day of completion, a marked decline in performance ranking. Son: Mom education simple Ms. Chen in the eyes, anxious heart, repeatedly found son "warning talks", sometimes with abuse education. But the son is still its own way, even with the dirty mother yell. Xiao Chen’s practice is very sad, the purpose of the police, Ms. Chen is the hope that the police to help educate his son. Ms. Chen said heartache, she now uncontrollable son, hope the police to help her a pipe, the best small to juvenile hall, let him go to get education. After listening to Ms. Chen’s talk, 110 police found a small understanding of both. Small all told the police, the mother only valued academic performance, just like him at home to do homework, prohibit him to go out to find a classmate. There are many school work, the mother did not pass his consent on the cram school, resulting in extra curricular homework more. Xiao said he felt very tired body and mind. Xiao also said that in order to relax, he made two hours a day at home internet access, but was rejected. His mother said his grades are now hovering in the top 20 or so, all want to go online at home, the examination results must be the first line of the 10. Small all feel at home very depressed, from time to time out of the house and friends play together. Sometimes the money go to Internet cafes to play games all night, mother discovered, put him locked in the house, there are 4 tied him on the balcony to prevent out, often hand pinched his arm, even with the teeth, the wound is very obvious. Said the small side tears, he told the police, he admitted swearing scolded his mother, he is wrong, but his mother is simple and rude education methods, he simply can not accept. Once the child abuse education cause mental depression that could be bad.相关的主题文章: