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"Tonight" commissar strong ending battle ended the revolutionary blood – Sohu "Entertainment Tonight" commissar strong ending Sohu entertainment news by Zhejiang Tak television produced by Limited by Share Ltd, the famous director Zhi Lei, Hu He, Sha Yi, Li Yiyi, Zhao Qi, Lu, Wang Qianhang and other famous actor starred in the 32 episode drama "tonight" political commissar of war in Liaoning, the Henan TV audience with a strong finish, half a month of the 278 regiment, black cliff partners and to "commissar" old Qiu as the representative of the Communist Party of the soldiers will leave the screen. Since the "commissar" has been broadcast is well received, the ratings was high, had made the same period ranked in the top three of the good results, in many recent broadcast a TV series to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, a result is in the forefront, compared to the same type of drama has superiority and topic obviously, is also very good for the theme of "Long March" gift. "15 days" on political commissar, micro-blog on the topic pages reading TV # # commissar has reached 4 million 510 thousand, nearly 100 thousand times the amount of discussion, an type of drama the growth rate of the top position. "Political commissar in the audience is" a good reputation, once according to the "commissar" as the keyword in the broadcast network survey process, got good feedback 0 negative word of mouth ". The audience is in micro-blog and other public platforms frequently published on the play viewing experience and concern for plot and characters, the actor and screenwriter including the drama of the time watching episodes aired, often interact with everyone in micro-blog, these are also "are the direct expression of" heat rising political commissar. "And" from the political commissar of actors to plot settings have been recognized with the audience, hit the play, the audience is increasingly looking forward to the development of the plot. At present, the "political commissar" has been broadcast to an end, affecting the people of the 278 regiment, and the other to the fate of old Qiu 278 regiment soldiers bled end is about to open, the revolutionary uprising to the end of the war ended in the blood after a thousand million insurance essien. Get such good results and feedback, aroused the effect so good, and the "political commissar" cannot do without the joint efforts of the entire cast, but with the drama "revolutionary passion" is closely related with. "Commissar" is about a total investment of the uprising thrilling story, but the story is not only focused on the contradiction between Kuomintang and Communist Party, also joined the "bandits" of this special group, the three camps have cooperation and confrontation; unity, has betrayed, and whether it is resolutely implement the old Qiu and Ronaldinho to our party and the task of 278 the group never abandon, or 278 regiment brothers together and loyal, or black cliff "beards" sense of justice and uprightness, to show the audience a "commissar" brings, must also be the expectations of a revolution in the blood and passion. This kind of spirit deeply hidden in the heart of every Chinese, so this film "" political commissar of the audience will resonate, give so much feedback so good. "So," broadcast the political commissar of outstanding achievement not only in this short period of half a month, is infinite.    相关的主题文章: